Create an entire project

Virtual Reality can help bring your ideas to life. But for it to work you have to know how to build compelling projects! This course will take you through step by step how to build your own project and provide you the opportunity to create a mock project so that you become more comfortable with all the aspects of Virtual Reality and understand how it can improve your presentations and help you get to yes faster! 

This Organic Tea project consists of a planogram, product images, POS materials, fixtures, and some data. With these files you will have the ability to take advantage of every aspect of Virtual Reality.

Download the content that you will need for this course

Download the content that you will need for this course

The most important step of your Virtual Reality journey is deciding to take that first step! Creating new projects is easy. Learn the layout of the system and how to set up your new projects.

Video and instructions on how to create your own project

Take a look at how to create your new project, then:

  • Log into your VR Infinity account and create your new organic tea project.  
  • Name your project "Organic Tea - Training - *Company* - *Last Name*" 
  • Add a scene. 

Being able to add original content is the heart of any Virtual Reality project. You can upload original planograms, product images, fixtures, data, and POS materials.

Watch the video to learn how to upload all your content to your project

Watch the video to learn how to upload your own content, then:

  • Use the asset uploading tool to combine your products and their images into a new collection "Organic Tea demo"
  • In your project, upload your Planogram (.psa) , Fixtures (.obj, .mtl, .png), Data Sources (.csv), and any additional images (.png)

How do you connect product images with their UPCs so that all the products in your planogram have pictures that appear in the virtual scene?

  • The asset uploading tool
  • From the cloud portal
  • You can't an administrator has to do it

What  are the files that are needed for each asset upload?

  • Object/Fixture
    .obj AND .mtl AND .png
  • Data Source
  • POS/Image
    .png OR .jpg
  • Planogram
  • Define your key...
    Define your answer...

True or False

  • If you create your new assets in your library catalog (rather than in a specific project) you need to the add that new asset to the project you need it to appear in

Any feedback you'd like to provide on adding content?

Being able to make changes to your planogram during a live presentation is a huge advantage. Become an expert at it and wow all your executives or customers by being able to listen to their recommendations and immediately implement changes

Add and Edit your planogram

Watch the video to learn how to add and edit your planogram, then:

  • Add the organic tea planogram to your project. 
  • Change the number of facings on the first variant
  • Delete a shelf  on the second variant
  • Create a third variant

Watch the video on adding waypoints, then:

  • Create 3 waypoints and give them new names
  • Designate a new starting waypoint

True or False

  • You can add additional planogram variants right in the player

What icon would you click to enter "shelf edit mode" to edit planograms

Any feedback you'd like to provide on adding and editing your planogram?

Need to make that end cap smaller? That POS sign should be over on a different bay? No problem! Objects are able to be edited with a click of a button

Add and edit your objects

Watch the video on adding and editing objects, then:

  • Add a new end cap and edit the size end cap
  • Add a new headerboard over the organic tea shelves 
  • Change the size and texture of the headerboard

True or False

  • You CAN edit an object's size in the player
  • You CAN'T move objects once they are placed! So you need to make sure you position them correctly the first time
  • You CAN change the texture of objects in the player if the object is simple enough

Any feedback you'd like to provide on adding objects?

Bring your data to life! Show visually compelling reasons as to why the planograms you are recommending are the right choices for your customer

Add and Customize your data

Watch the video on customizing your data then:

  • Customize the planogram metrics to show, sales range, productivity 1, and product name
  • Customize the product metrics to show: product name, brand, and manufacturer 
  • Change the color of a segment of your productivity 1 category data to hot pink

True or False

  • You CAN change the color of your data right in the player
  • The data can be anything you want it to be as long as a UPC column is in the uploaded .csv

Any feedback you'd like to provide on customizing your data?

Need to show different versions of the same store during a presentation? Need to provide your customer a few choices that they can choose from? No problem! Set up a few switches and rotate through the choices easily and effectively

Create your switches

Watch the video on creating switches, then:

  • Create 3 switches
  • First switch: original store scene, no added objects
  • Second switch: new headerboard and end cap
  • Third switch: Different end cap and shelf strips

Match the terms

  • Initial Scene
    An unedited version of the scene. Any changes made to this will effect all switches
  • Scenery Switch
    The first editable switch. You can make any changes to this switch and it only effects that switch

Any feedback you'd like to provide on creating switches?

Worried about navigating the store during a live presentation? Don't be! Pre-record a flythrough and let it show the complete walk through of your ideas. Highlight your planogram variants, switches, fixtures, and data. All you'll have to do is press play

Record a Flythrough

Watch the video on flythroughs, then:

  • Record your own flythrough. Show all three of your switches in the flythrough (remember: shift key + a number key will rotate through your switches)

True or False

  • You can record switch changes in a flythrough
  • You CAN'T teleport to waypoints. You have to navigate the whole store while recording the flythrough
  • You CAN'T cycle through your dataviz and colorization during the flythrough

Any feedback you'd like to provide on flythroughs?

Need to provide someone without a login access to your project? Share your project externally with anyone

Share your project externally with us to complete the course

Watch the video on external sharing, then:

  • Create an external link for your project and assign a password

What is the external link to your organic tea project

What is the password you set for your organic tea project?