Sales Training

Training Course in Sales Strategies

Upon completion of the training module, the trainee will be able to demonstrate how to effectively: initiate contact with the customer, identify and articulate sale options, generate an offer, and successfully close the sale.

Steps to Executing a Successful Sale

1. Start a conversation with the customer, and gradually progress towards what their purchasing intentions are

2. Once their purchasing intentions have been deciphered, identify and articulate some sale options for them to consider. Be sure to differentiate each option from the others

3. As the customer comes closer to making a decision, produce an offer for them to consider

4. Close the sale and make the customer feel good about their purchase

What is next step after opening a conversation with the customer?

  • Present them with an offer
  • Identify their purchasing intent
  • Kindly ask them to leave

When presenting the customer with multiple purchasing options, you should always...

  • Take your shoes off
  • Differentiate each product from the other options
  • Ask them about their dog

After producing an offer and closing the sale, what should you do?

  • Tell the customer that you just scammed them
  • Steal their credit card information
  • Make the customer feel great about their purchase