Night Shift Quiz 08/29/2018

This Quick Quiz will be about the trainings Keri and Tristan had went over with you guys.

File Clone Issues

In a single instance of Accidental Deletion, how many files can we clone?

  • 2
  • 5
  • 1
  • Any amount.

How many separate instances of missing files are we able to provide VC for?

  • 1
  • 5
  • 7
  • 2
  • As long as we keep cloning files, we keep giving VC

Who should you go to for ticket questions before you ask an SL in cases where asking a Shift Lead is not expressly requested? Check all that apply.

  • Team Leads
  • Shift Leads anyway
  • Senior Agents
  • Assistant SL
  • Other Agents

What is the difference between a MyPlayer and a MyCAREER?

What overall should the "placeholder" be?

Keri's Section

What needs to be seen in the video for us to proceed with cloning a missing player?

  • VC Balance + MyTEAM Lineup
  • Gamertag + Save File List
  • Email + Save File List
  • VC Balance + Gamertag
  • Gamertag + Attributes Screen

Why might a customer be getting the 4b538e50 or EFEAB30C error codes?

When we clone and refund a missing mycareer file, what specific items are we refunding?

  • Attributes, animations and hair
  • Animations, Tattoos, Hair
  • Tattoos, shoes, animations
  • animations, clothing, Tattoos

What is the difference between the "Generic" and the "Save file" internal notes?

What is the difference between a missing save, and a corrupted one?