This course is done to help candidates to be tested by the APTIS examination to obtain the CENNI 12 certificate.

LESSON 1 Introduction to APTIS

What is APTIS

What is Aptis?

Aptis is a modern and flexible English language test designed to meet the diverse needs of organisations and individuals around the world

Each test includes a grammar and vocabulary core module and four optional modules - speaking, listening, reading, writing. You can choose which of the modules you want to use


The test has four variants: Aptis, Aptis for Teachers, Aptis for Teens and Aptis Advanced. 

The test includes questions at different levels, so a wide range of candidates can demonstrate their language ability. 

Aptis can measure English ability within government, education and corporate sectors.

Watch this video about the test

Relation and advantages in Education

Aptis in Education

By accurately measuring English ability, Aptis can enhance education quality by:

  •  identifying student and teacher needs 
  • assessing student suitability/eligibility for particular training and/or recruitment 
  • systematically and consistently evaluating student performance on any particular English language course
  • displaying results for each module as a CEFR level and numerical score. 

Teacher Needs

There are some versions in this case teachers can take the General version (CENNI) or the Teacher's version .

Students' Needs

There is a special test for teens (13-17 years old) 

Aptis grading system

Aptis and the CEFR

It does not matter where you are, this test was done using the CEFR. This way it can be used anywhere as you can see in the video.

Aptis grading system

Aptis grading system

This exam was done based on the CEFR and it is used everywhere as you can see here. 

How is it marked?

It is important for you to know how you will be graded in this test. Please observe the picture here where you see the levels and what is called as the borderline areas. 

What is the criteria when someone gets between levels? 

Well, If a candidate receives a mark in the borderline areas, their score in the core test (grammar and vocabulary) is used to decide their final grade.

Test modules


You can test each ability, a combination of two or three at will or the integrated one which is the General, Teen or CENNI version.

It does not matter what combination or version you prefer, Aptis has one compulsory grammar and vocabulary module.

This way it has five sections or exams. 

For Example

Based on presentation skills

Marketing or custumer service professionals may only require speaking and listening modules

Based on academic skills

Students or educative institutions academic writing course may only require the writing, or reading and writing modules.

Core grammar and vocabulary module

Core grammar and vocabulary module

It is divided in two parts; Grammar and Vocabulary

This is the general schema 

As you can see the grammar part has only one type of exercises. On the other hand the Vocabulary one has 4 different option.


There are two question types. The first focuses on written English grammar and the second focuses on the use of Englishgrammar when speaking.

Written grammar

Spoken Grammar

Aspects to consider

Before going into it there are 3 issues you must take into acount: Register, Format and number


A small number of questions may focus on register.


All questions are in a three-option, multiple choice format.


Consists of 25 questions, each focusing on a specific aspect of English grammar.


In the following exercises you will see some options and then you will have some real prectice. 

Core Sample 1

Read the sample for a modality question and select the correct option to complete it .

My boss says that I ______ to finish the report by Friday.

  • must
  • have
  • should

Core Sample 2

Read the sample for an adverbs of degree question and select the correct option to complete it .

My new computer works _____ faster than my old one.

  • many
  • more
  • much

Core Sample 3

Read the sample for an adverbs of time (present perfect tense) question and select the correct option to complete it .

I have worked for this company _____ I left university.

  • since
  • after
  • from

Core Sample 4

Read the sample for a discourse markers question and select the correct option to complete it .

John: She's French, isn't she?

Ahmed: No, _______ she's from Belgium.

  • exactly
  • actually
  • anyway

Core Sample 5

Read the sample for a conjunctives question and select the correct option to complete it .

Zeynep: I really don't feel like going to see that movie tonight.

Peter: Ok. __________ we can go next week instead.

  • Maybe
  • However
  • Nevertheless




Along with the grammar section there is a separated one focused on Vocabulary. It is important to get familiar with it in order to face it easier.

Vocabulary Characteristics

There are some aspects to bear in mind while answering the vocabulary section


This is one of the greatest strengths of the test. It means that the tasks become harder as the test progresses. This way if you answer two or a series of right answers the program sets the following in a higher level. Or the contrary it gets it lower and so on.


There is only one correct option targeted words are presented out of several possible selections.

Different types of questions.

Four main types of questions are included:

  • Word matching: synonyms (words with similar meanings)
  • Word definition: match a definition to a word
  • Word usage: complete a sentence with the correct word
  • Word pairs: natural collocations.

Vocabulary – Sample questions; Word matching

Word matching

The first question type tests your ability to match words with similar meanings from a list of options. You need to click on the arrows and choose the similar word.

Vocabulary – Sample questions; Word definition

Word definition

For the next question type, you need to match a definition to a word. Click on the arrow and choose the word that matches the definition.

Vocabulary – Sample questions; Word usage

Word usage

The next question type asks you to identify a word from a list that is commonly used with the given word.

Vocabulary – Sample questions; Word pairs or word combinations

Word pairs or word combinations

There is a final question type that asks you to complete a sentence using a word from a list.



Go to the next LINK and do the mock test for this part. Once you finish write your final score in the box below. This way we can trace your work and give you by the end of this course a general average of what your score in the real test mey be. 

This is it


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