Unit 4 Chapter 7 RSG Quiz

This test will see what you remember from Chapter 7


Fill in the Blank

To means to bring a group together after it has been divided.

A government divided into different departments is called a .

An educated person with a government position is called a .

The religion based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama is called .

A payment made by one country to another as a sign of respect is known as .

Fill in the Blanks 2

Here are a list of words you can use for the following questions.

safer, palaces, Quing, Tang, Song, Emperor, education, moral values, Beijing, paper, advisers, books, bureaucracy, China, Ming, sea


What did the teaching of Confucius stress? 

, right relationships to produce social order, respect for family and oder generations,

The Tang government was like a pyramid.  What made up the top three levels of this government?

The ruled at the top. The emperor's chief advisers were on the second level, The was on the third level.

How did the invention of movable type help the Chinese to record their knowledge in permanent form?

The use of movable type and the invention of  allowed the Chinese to make printed . This allowed them to record knowledge in a permanent form.

How did the Mongols improve trade in China?

They made trade routes . They also encouraged trade.

What was the forbidden city?

It was a large group of and temples that stood at the center of . These building were surrounded by 35-foot high walls.