Global Teacher Education Tutorial - (Charter Schools)

Welcome to the GTE tutorial!

Bringing the world to your classroom. A free resource for educators to help US K-20 students better understand and prepare for their world. 

Throughout this tutorial you will learn how to use the most important elements of the GTE, a free resource for educators to help US K-20 students better understand and prepare for their world. 

Global Teacher Education Tool- GTE WEB 2.0

What is Global Competence in a student?

Ask anyone what young people need to be successful in an increasingly interdependent world, and the answers are likely to be all over the proverbial map. Educators and policymakers alike have recently focused considerable attention on math and science, but that is not the concern here. This article uses the term “global competence” to describe a body of knowledge about world regions, cultures, and global issues (regardless of discipline), and the skills and dispositions to engage responsibly and effectively in a global environment. There may be differences of emphasis; however, many educators agree that a globally competent student has: 

(1) Knowledge of and curiosity about the world’s history, geography, cultures, environmental and economic systems, and current international issues 

(2) Language and cross-cultural skills to communicate effectively with people from other countries, understand multiple perspectives, and use primary sources from around the globe 

(3) A commitment to ethical citizenship. To help students become globally competent, teachers must have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions described above, as well as:

  • Knowledge of the international dimensions of their subject matter and a range of global issues
  • Pedagogical skills to teach their students to analyze primary sources from around the world, appreciate multiple points of view, and recognize stereotyping
  • A commitment to assisting students to become responsible citizens both of the world and of their own communities.

Introduction to Global Teacher Education

  • GTE administrators aim to bring the world to teachers’ classrooms.

  • Through its use, teachers are trained to prepare students to better understand and thrive in a globally-connected world.

  • GTE supports the internationalization of teacher preparation programs by connecting professionals, as well as advancing and disseminating research and best practices.


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Step 1 : Main elements of the Global Education Tool

Step 1 quiz: Answer the questions below

1. Knowledge    is the first element of the menu on the top.

2. Organization is the   elemento of the menu on the top.

3. Webinars are located on the menu on the top.

Step 2: Sign Up for GTE

Step 2 Quiz: Choose the right answer

To sign up to GTE, I can use________________ as a social media resources. 

  • microsoft
  • facebook
  • whats app
  • iPhone

Step 3: Go to Webinars and open the menu

Four main webinars 

So far, there are four main webinars that you can access after signing up. These webinars have several resources you will wish to use to support your students global competence. 

Step 3 Quiz: To be or not to be?

Drag the actions to go to the webinars in order.

  • Login to GTE tool
  • Go to the main menu at the top of the tool
  • Open webinars
  • Choose one of the webinars

Step 4: Visit webinars 1- 4

This is where you can watch the specific topic video and get access to the resources (articles, technology tools and websites). 

Step 4 - second part

Additional webinars!

Step 4 Quiz: Text matching

  • Webinar 1:
    Assessing Global Learning
  • Webinar 2:
    What is Global Competence?
  • Webinar 3:
    Using Technology to Create a Global Learning
  • Webinar 4:
    Pedagogical Practices for a Global Learning Classroom

Step 5: Tool resources.

Step 5 Quiz: Tool resources

  • To access some of the resources of the GTE tool, I have to open the webinars.
  • Webinars are located under knowledge hub.
  • On webinar 4, Jim Reese provides information about pedagogical practices for a global learning classroom
  • Video on webinar 3 is one for fourteen minutes long.

Step 6. Participate and interact.

Step 6 Quiz: Why would it be useful to use the GTE tool, especially the forums? NOTE: After answering this question, make sure you hit the Next bottom to print your certificate. You will also may get access to a survey.

  • Participating in the GTE forums would provide me with resources to be implemented in my classroom.
  • Participating in the GTE forums could be a tedious experience since there are not enough resources to use in the classroom.

Congratulations on finishing this tutorial.


Make sure you download and/or print this certificate. Don't forget to hit the Next bottom to check the last elements of this course including the survey. 


Time for a survey! Thank you for taking the time to complete it!

 If you click on the NEXT  bottom, you will have the opportunity to take a survey about 2.0 web tools on a Google form. 

Also,  if you are interested in knowing the results to the different questions you were asked throughout this course, you can click on the GO TO RESULTS bottom. 

Good job again!

SURVEY: Evaluation of the Disposition to the Use of the Interactive Tool "Global Teacher Education" (GTE) in the Development of Global Teacher Competence.