Dr.Carmen Caicedo - Evidence-based Nursing and Research in Global Health Care

You can also access your readings for the semester here.

Mandatory Resources

APA Manual 6th Edition and APA Example

History of Nursing Research

7 Steps of EBP

Putting Evidence Into Nursing Practice: Four Traditional Practices Not Supported by the Evidence

Not All Plagiarism is Created Equal

Weekly Readings

Week 1:  Orientation

Week 2:  Searching for Research Evidence

Week 3:  Acquisition of Knowledge

Week 4: Different Types of Research

Week 5:  Appraising for Research Reports

Week 6:  Writing Assignment

Week 7:  Qualitative Research

Week 8:  Evidence-based Nursing Practice

Week 9:  Writing Assignment

Week 11:  Evidence-Based Practice Participation and Point-of-Care adaptations