CPD Weekly "10 Minute Read 'n Verify" - 17 May 2018

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Brexit in a Year? [Probably] not

Commercial Risk Europe: European Commission’s collective redress proposals open door for US-style litigation, warns source

  • Insurance industry sources fear US-style litigation funders in EU
  • European Commission collective redress proposals provide adequate safeguards
  • US-style class actions will be impossible under Commission proposals

FRC: High quality audit enhanced by stronger culture

  • FRC wants an audit culture of ‘doing the right thing’ in the public interest
  • FRC is only interested in achieving high quality audit
  • FRC thinks ‘doing the right thing’ should not be rewarded

Annual inflation down to 1.2% in the euro area

  • Euro area inflation rose between April and March 2018
  • Euro area inflation was lower in April 2018 than April 2017
  • European Union inflation is lower than euro area inflation