Event Marketing Rep Training 102

This course will prepare you to interact with potential customers and will provide scenarios and scripts to help you get the lead. This course will also teach you how to overcome common objections. 

Engaging the Customers

Getting Attention

Which questions should you ask when first starting your conversion with a potential customer?

"Are you interested in renovating your tub or shower?" is a good question to start your conversion with a potential customer

Service Calls & Words of Praise

How much does a client get for each referral that becomes a customer?

Qualifying the Prospect

Which questions should you ask when qualifying a prospect?

What step should you take if you have determined the person is a good prospect?

Getting the Lead

Selling the Free Estimate

Studies show that consumers are willing to trade privacy and time for...

Our sales team should be referred to as, which of the following?

The Free Estimate is the only way...

The Big Moment!

When attempting to get the lead you should do which of the following?

Lead Card Details

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections

What is the typical price range of Bath Fitter products?

When a person says they need to think about it or need to talk it over with their significant other they are not a good prospect.

What is the average price of a tub and wall system?

When a prospect is not ready right now you should...

Overcoming Unvoiced Objections

Scenario Training

Scenario Training