Volunteer Training

Each Volunteer will receive online training before their arrival at Camp Caroline. Included in this training will be information regarding Camp Caroline’s Statement of Beliefs, and Ministry Mapping. Alongside of this will be our expectations for the various volunteer positions. We are SO excited to have you join our Summer Team of 2018!

Camp Caroline: Who we are & what we do!

Discover Camp Caroline

Located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies we are one of Alberta's premier year-round Christian camp and retreat centers. It is our great privilege to welcome and serve campers and guests throughout the year for getaways with greater purpose.

Through the first few sections of training, please read over our Statement of Beliefs, and Ministry Mapping, as well as learn more about our heart for our volunteers.

Our Values

Where God Is Leading Us

God's leading is critical to Camp Caroline's success and its goals. As we listen to God and respond, we live into the hope of changed lives as people are drawn closer to Him.

Reaching this generation of individuals and families.

We are committed to ministry models that introduce individuals of all ages and stages of life to Jesus; that invite them to follow him through a robust faith relationship; and that provide opportunities for them to become involved in service.

Intentionally investing in leaders.

We are committed to teaching and training experiences that encourage emerging and established leaders to grow as servant-leaders, thus exercising to their fullest potential a godly influence throughout their areas of service and leadership.

Impactful ministry for years to come.

We are committed to sustainable models built upon sound Biblical principles enabling us to steward and support ongoing ministry of Camp Caroline with the highest standards of integrity, care and service.

Valuing healthy relationships.

We are committed to serving alongside individuals, groups and churches that share a desire to work together to realize the full redemptive potential of our ministries; that challenge us to recognize our role in God's plan; and that help us nurture vibrant relationships in all areas of life.

Warm hospitality for everyone welcomed.

We are committed to being a ministry of hospitality that creates a safe place to welcome people from all walks of life; that strives to place the needs of those welcomed first; and that pursues excellence in service at all times.

As a volunteer with us at Camp Caroline, what values do you hold that relate to the values we hold here at camp?

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are incredibly important to us!

This summer we will have over 1100 campers come through our gates. To serve them we have  around 15-20 year round staff and around 45 summer staff, as well as many volunteers. You play a vital role in serving our guests, and we are so thankful for you. We are excited to experience unforgettable with you! At Camp Caroline, we look for the very best people to help us create unforgettable experiences for every guest that sets foot on our property. We understand that it takes many parts to make a strong whole, and that's why we need you! Come join us in giving your most valuable resource - your time - and be blessed while being a blessing. You'll never be sorry you did! We strive to prepare and care for our Summer Volunteers in the best way possible. To reach this goal we encourage and walk alongside of our volunteers through their process of training, and preparing for their time at camp!

Theme of 2018


This year, we are ready and excited to embrace the theme "Kingdom Come" as each of our campers walk through our doors. We are excited to dig into the idea of what "The Kingdom" is and what it truly means with our campers. Throughout the summer we will promote both our Speaking theme of Kingdom Come, as well as our decorative medieval theme!

Meet our team!

Abby Schmidt (me)!

My name is Abby Schmidt, and I am the Associate Director of Staffing for this upcoming summer! A few fun facts about me ~ I love wildflowers, this is my second year on staff at Camp, I lived in Asia, and I am skilled at interpretive dancing. I will be getting to know each of you over the next few months, and am happy to walk alongside of you throughout your staff experience this upcoming summer!

Tony Engeler!

Tony is our Director of Summer Camps. He started working at Camp Caroline while he was in University, and Camp hasn't been able to get rid of him since. He is addicted to Tim Horton double doubles, loves cats and corn dogs, and is passionate about Camping Ministry. His favorite camp activity is the wide games, including our previous night game named in his honor called "Tony Takeover". He oversee's all of our Summer Camp "happenings", and looks forward to a great summer ahead with all of you!

Colton Kruschel!

Colton is our Associate Director of Summer Camps. He has been involved with Camp Caroline since 2003 when he was a camper at 2/3 Camp. Colton loves "the Office" more than anyone we know, is always up for spontaneous adventures, and was one of two campers to ever beat our wide Game "Kingdom's Quest". As the Associate Director, Colton will be giving broad leadership across camp, and is directly leading the Counselors this summer.

Who has a triple citizenship?

  • Colton
  • Abby
  • Tony

Who is traveling to Thailand in September?

  • Colton
  • Abby
  • Tony

Who has lived in Indonesia?

  • Colton
  • Abby
  • Tony

Get to know your Position!

Your Position

The next few sections of our training are position specific, so feel free to skim through the positions that are not your own. Email [email protected] with any questions that you might have regarding your positions here at camp.

Site & Facilities

We are so excited that you are joining our Volunteer Site and Facilities team this year! Firstly, I would love to introduce you to our Director of Facilities and Food Services, Erik Willihnganz. Erik will be your direct supervisor throughout your time at Camp! He lives on site with his wife and two kids, and hosts weekly Marvel movie nights for our seasonal staff here at camp. He is thrilled to work with you!

Your time with us on the Site and Facilities team will be filled with adventures. You may be helping around site with jobs such as mowing the lawn, fixing various equipment, preparing camp fire wood, etc.

Camp is beautiful, and we are grateful for those who help keep our grounds clean and stunning, as well as incredibly safe.

RN Summer Nurse

We are beyond grateful for our Summer Camp RN nurses! As the camp nurse you will be responsible to provide health care to campers, guests, and staff in accordance with provincial health and safety codes.

What you will have

As our RN Summer Nurse, you will have access to a Nurses Station throughout your entire time volunteering with us. This will be where you can keep track of the meds being used, as well as find tweezers, band aids, wrist wraps, etc.

Around our camp grounds we have First Aid Kits at our activities. These will be stocked and ready for you come your arrival. All of our Summer Staff have been trained in CPR/First Aid and they will be ready to help and get to action if there is a need.

We have a golf cart ready and set out for you, and you will have full access to it when you need to get around camp grounds. This helps you get to a hurt or sick child as quickly as possible.

What you need to do

As our RN Summer Nurse, you will be overseeing the campers health, and medicines throughout your time with us.

Every morning and evening we have time where the campers will come to your for their medications and you will keep track of the childrens needs. The First Aid Attendant will be a huge help throughout this process.

You will be helping kids who are feeling ill, or who get injured throughout their week at camp. You will help Tony make judgement calls regarding hospital trips, or children being sent home.

Summer Camp Counselor

We are so excited to have you join our summer camp counselling team! A summer camp counselor's primary role is to build relationship with campers, and to encourage campers in their spiritual walk of faith. This includes accepting them at whatever place they are at spiritually and encouraging them to take steps toward a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. You will be the primary caregiver each week to a cabin of 5-7 campers, and will participate with them in activities, outtrips, and sessions. During our family camps, you will be assigned both an age group and a guest family as your primary focus. 

Upon Arrival

When you arrive at Camp, you will be introduced to myself (support leader for the weeks you are here), and Colton who will oversee your time as a counselor. You will also meet our full summer Counselor Staff team and be partnered with the full time counselor who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions, and help make your volunteer experience a positive time. You will receive a box of tools such as pens, markers, Bibles, etc. to help lead your kids throughout the weeks you are here. If you have any questions throughout your time here, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Leading Activities:

Throughout your weeks as a volunteer counselor with us, you will be leading various activities. You will always be at activities with another full time summer counselor, and they will be leading the activities with you! Below will describe your roles during these activities.

Crafts - Help and walk alongside of our crafts leader, as your kids participate in various crafts such as Kendama painting, Tye-Dye, Ceramics, etc. Be watching over your kids and make sure that they are listening and participating to their full extent.

Events - Participate and encourage your kids during our wide games, night games, and morning evenings.

High ropes - Help and walk alongside of our High Ropes team, and encourage your kids as they explore high ropes as a cabin.

GIS - Walk through our GIS course with your kids, and lead them in team building activities. Upon arrival we are more than happy to explain what our GIS course entails.

Axe Throwing - Set up and lead axe throwing with your kids. You will receive a key for the axe throwing shed, and you will be partnered with another cabin leader during this activity.

Archery and Archery Tag - Set up and lead our archery activities with your kids. You will receive a key for the archery activity sheds, and you will be partnered with another cabin leader during this activity.

Sharing Jesus:

One of the greatest joys of counseling is the opportunity to share Jesus with your campers at all times. We are big believers in being engaged with your kids through all your activities, sessions, and transition times with them! You are their person, and you have the opportunity to continually share Christ's heart with them.

A few examples of this may include ...

1) Cabin Time: After sessions you will get to sit and share with your cabin. This may look like structured activity time, sharing a devo, digging into God's word, or sharing a personal story. It's kind of up to you & of course the Holy Spirit!

2) Meals: You have the wonderful opportunity to sit with your kids in meals. This is not a time to "turn off" but instead you will engage with your kids as you ask them questions, tell jokes, share stories from the day, etc.

3) Activities: There are so many amazing activities here at camp, and you get to participate with your kids in those activities!  While your kids are participating in these activities, you have the opportunity to be encouraging, supporting, teaching, and loving them.

4) Events: We will always have daily events, and this is a time for kids to be active and have a blast! You are there to participate and play with the kids during these times. You can hype the kids up through your energy and willingness to play with them, as well as encourage the kids to participate.

Kitchen Staff

For our campers to be well nourished and ready for an exciting week, we need our volunteer kitchen staff. As kitchen staff you will report to the Head Cook, Sandy, and be responsible to help provide well balanced, high quality food services and support for campers, guests and staff in accordance with provincial health and safety codes. We encourage all of our staff to be taking breaks throughout each day volunteering with us. You may want to use this time to explore camp, visit, or try activities for yourself.

Dining Room Staff

Our dining room staff are hugely helpful, especially before and after our meals. As a dining room staff you will report to our Head Cook (Sandy) and be responsible to help maintain a presentable and clean dining area, including but not limited to set up, clean up, and dishes. You will be prepping for meals, helping clean around the kitchen and dining room, and making sure all our meal supplies are out and ready. We encourage all of our staff to be taking breaks throughout each day volunteering with us. You may want to use this time to explore camp, visit, or try activities for yourself.

Dish washing Staff

Our dishwashing staff are hugely important as they help the kitchen and meal times run smoothly. As a dishwashing staff you will report to our Head Cook (Sandy) and be responsible to clean dishes between meals. Additionally you may be asked to help maintain a clean kitchen and dining area. Similarly to our dining room staff, your job is pretty straight forward as your time will be primarily spent in the dishpit, and around camp as you enjoy camp life. We encourage all of our staff to be taking breaks throughout each day volunteering with us. You may want to use this time to explore camp, visit, or try activities for yourself.

What is something that you are most excited for regarding your position?

If you have a questions about your role, please feel free to ask it here. If not please write "N/A".

Preparing for Arrival!

Getting to camp!

No matter what week you are serving at, we are looking forward to walking alongside of you throughout your time here at Camp Caroline. Here are some details you will need to know regarding your trip to camp:

Address: 354040 Range Road 61, Caroline, AB

Time of Arrival: Sunday at 1:30-2:00 pm

Estimated time from Calgary: 1hr 45min

Estimated time from Edmonton: 2hr 40min

Estimated time from Red Deer: 1hr 10min

Parking: As you arrive, check in with our main office regarding rooming. From there we will direct you to park behind our Hillside building at the back of camp. 

Our volunteer staff (Not including Summer Camp Counselors) will be staying in Hillside. All volunteer counselors will be assigned to a cabin in Creekside or Aspen Lodge.

First Day on Site

First Steps Upon Arrival 

1) Find Abby at the main office and get your room assignments, and schedule for the day.

2) Receive your welcome packet, which will be waiting for you in your room.

3) Attend volunteer orientation at 2:15 in the chapel! 

4) Attend our weekly staff meeting, and be introduced to our fantastic summer staff team!

5) Meet with your area supervisor as a group, ask questions, and prepare for your week (if time permits).

6) Connect with your job mentor. This is a full summer staff member who will be walking with you through your experience here at camp. They can answer questions you may have, encourage you, etc. (if time permits).

Is there anything you are nervous about, regarding your time serving with us at camp? If so, please elaborate so that I can further support you. If not, please write "N/A".

What to send me

What I Need (From You)

There are a few things that I'll need from you before you are out here with us at camp. Below you will find out what you can be sending to me before your arrival.

1) Alberta Police Check

2) Confirmation of the dates you will be volunteering

3) Allergies that the kitchen will need to know about

4) Emergency contact information

5) Let me know if you are coming to staff training! (June 20-28) You are very welcome, but this is not mandatory!

What to bring!

Below is a packing list that will help you get your suitcase ready and set for your time here!

  • Approximately 6 changes of casual (camp) clothes
  • Loads of socks!
  • 1 or 2 changes of outdoor/athletic clothes
  • Jacket: light to medium warmth
  • Rain gear: Rain boots, rain jacket, etc.
  • Hat and Sunglasses
  • Outdoor Footwear: Running shoes, and hiking boots
  • Indoor Footwear: Shoes, and or slippers that you will only use indoors
  • Gym Shoes: non-marking soles; reserved for gym use only
  • Swimming Suit
  • Warm Sleeping Bag & Pillow

Optional bedding: In addition to the sleeping bag, you may bring a duvet or blankets and sheets for your bed in the Lodges.

  • Towels, Hand Towels, Facecloths, and Beach Towel
  • Personal toiletries & toiletry bag
  • Soap for your room
  • Alarm clock or watch alarm
  • Bible, and Notebook
  • Pens, and Pencils
  • Bug Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight
  • Laundry detergent, fabric softener, and a basket
  • Backpack for outtrips that may need it
  • Water Bottle
  •  Fun, dress-up costumes for theme meals as well as for some Evening Specials (The themes this year are Luau, and Medieval)
  • Decorations and/or fun items for your room! Make yourself at home!

Example schedule


Here is a schedule for a typical day at Camp with your kids!

Wake up Jams: Each morning we wake up and play Christian music in the dining hall! This is to both bring energy, but to also introduce campers to Christian music! Counselors will be gathering their children from their cabins and will bring them to the dining hall for breakfast. All other staff will be participating in their job, or preparing for breakfast.

Breaky: Breakfast time is spent with your campers or fellow staff members sharing, laughing, and encouraging with them! 

Prep and Play with Staff Meeting: This time allows for most of our team to meet at the same time, and participate in our daily staff meeting. Our counseling team switch off with a neighboring counselor to make sure our campers are engaged and taken care of.

Discovery Time and Cabin Time: This time is spent in worship and teaching in order for campers to discover more about God. Cabin time is a smaller conversation based learning time, led by each individual counselor with their cabin. It is an amazing time for the kids to learn about and experience Jesus.  

Morning Event OR Cabin Adventure: We always have a fun time gathering together for a morning event. They are action packed and made so that we can be with our cabins. Cabin adventures are flexible. If your cabin wants to go on a creek walk, have extended cabin time, or play some fun field games, this is the opportunity to build relationship even further with your kids and to have some fun!  

Lunch: Lunch time is spent with your campers sharing, laughing, and encouraging with them! 

Activities: We run a 3 activity cabin based model at Camp Caroline. You will receive a schedule at the beginning of the week with specifics as to which activity you will be going to at what time. Later there will be more activity specific information in our training. 

Move and Groove Times: This is just a transition move time, however, this isn't just walking. We are extreme advocates for engaging campers at all times. I would encourage you to consider the value in having impactful or relationship building conversations as you move from activity to activity. 

Dinner: Dinner time is spent with your campers sharing, laughing, and encouraging with them! 

Evening Event: Just like the morning event these are times of high energy and tons of fun. This is an amazing time to encourage campers and continue to build fun-loving relationships.

Evening, Teaching, Worship, and Cabin Time: This time is spent in worship and teaching in order for campers to discover more about God. Cabin time is smaller conversation based learning, led by each individual counselor with their cabin. It is an amazing time for the kids to learn about, experience Jesus.

Night Event: This event often only happens 1 night of the week. It happens later in the evening and is a large high impact event. The target of this event is to bring excitement and fun, and to leave kids in awe. We desire them to be excited about what they have done, and how what's going on around them is amazing!

Campfire: Fun campfire songs, both silly and familiar worship songs are used to draw our day to a closing together. 

Brush and Flush: This is time to get your campers ready for bedtime. Remind them of lights out expectations and help them remain organized (especially for the younger ages). 

Lights Out: Quiet in the cabins. More specific expectations will be communicated at camp. Often you will be expected to be in your cabin with your kids. It is important for us to offer high levels of care and supervision during this time to protect our campers and help them get their rest! 

See you soon!

We are incredibly glad that you are all coming out here, and we can't wait to see you soon!