Canyon Lister Fire Dept - Tender 52 (Tanker 1)

CLFD's Tender 52 is an old truck, but is simple to use and can be very effective in the right situation.  It has an 800 gallon water tank, and a front mounted pump with multiple intake and discharge ports.  It can pump and roll at low speeds.

Operating the Truck

Key and Equipment Storage

Starting and Driving the Truck

Operating the Pump

Pump and Roll

Filling or Emptying the Water Tank

Shutting Down the Pump, and Parking the Truck


Statements about Tender 52 - True or False?

Driving Tender 52

Driving - Need to Know

Advantages / Disadvantages

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Ground clearance, wheelbase, pump and roll, quick setup, simple to operate
Under-powered, slow acceleration, poor braking, unable to store equipment on board