LARA™ Sales Training

This course provides an overview of the target market, unique value and sales strategy of LARA™, Converged Compliance Solutions unique solution for the trader voice ecosystem.

Introduction to this course


The Trader Voice Market

Define the Market

Define and Quantify the Trader Voice Market

Converged Compliance Solutions is focused on the complex voice trading solutions predominantly found within the financial services sector including 

  • Capital markets firms
  • Commodity traders
  • Hedge funds
  • Brokerages
  • Large energy firms, including oil and gas. 

Voice trading remains a critical part of their core business strategy and requirements cannot be met by standard phone and communication systems and require the use of a telephony key system known as a trading turret or dealer board.

Quantify the Market

Market Size

Financial service firms spend more as a percentage of revenue on IT than any other industry with 20% of that spend on telecommunications. Our target firm have two main areas of spend

Trading Systems

Private Wires

Private wires provide always on connections between traders and other market participants. These lines have become outdated as private wires still route voice through legacy TDM lines, using a technology known as Channel Associated Signalling (CAS). When the switch to IP commenced, these connections were left behind while the speed of trading technology continued to increase.

Our Niche

Target Customers

How LARA™ allows customers to take back control of their trader voice

What is LARA™

How will our customers use LARA™

Refining the Target Market

Pricing Strategy

Monthly Subscription




Summary of LARA™


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