Quick Quiz - Communication

Quick Quizzes are a great way to assess how much you learned during the PMP Boot Camp. They aren't called "Quick" because they are short or take a small amount of time, but rather because you should be able to answer each question quickly. You probably won't see many questions like this on the PMP exam, but it is a good way to solidify the base knowledge upon which you must draw to answer PMP situational, behavioral questions. This Quick Quiz will help you obtain the 1st of the 3 keys to passing the PMP Exam: An in-depth understanding of the PMBOK. 

Quick Quizzes are timed based on an average of 72 seconds per question.

If you cannot answer all of these questions correctly, go back and study the student guides, read the PMBOK, and prepare questions to ask your instructor during the next class session.

To obtain an in-depth understanding of the PMBOK

How much of a PM's time is spent communicating?

Meetings represent which communication dimension?

Contracts represent which communication dimension?

Voice inflection and tone represents which communication dimension?

Contracts must always be communicated how?

What accounts for the majority of communications?

What tool is used during Plan Communications Management to determine the number of communications channels?

Which of the following would not be found in the Communications Management Plan?

Which of the following is not an input to Plan Communication Management?

How many stakeholders would exist if there were 6,786 communication channels?

What is the formula to determine the number of communication channels on your project?

Which factor should not affect the choice of project communication technology?

In the Communication Model, who is responsible for encoding the feedback message?

What's the best definition of noise in the Communication Model?

Which of the following best describes encoding?

In the Communication Model, which of the following would the Receiver not be responsible for?

A meeting is which type of communication?

Which communication method would best be used for large volumes of information?

An email is an example of which type of communication method?

Manage Communications is in which Process Group?

Which is an input to Manage Communications?

Which of the following is not a tool used in Manage Communications?

What is the output of Manage Communications?

Which of the following is not an input to Control Communications?

Which of the following is not a tool used in Control Communications?

What is the key benefit of Control Communications?

Which is not an output of Control Communications?