Using the Templates in Microsoft PowerPoint

This short course will demonstrate some key tips for accessing and using corporate templates in PowerPoint effectively.

Choose your template

Choose your template

Open PowerPoint

Select:  File  > New >  My Templates

Select a template from those displayed.

If your project has federal funding chose one of the "Federal" templates. If not, chose a Main Roads (MRWA) template.










Getting Started

Getting started

Select a “cover” slide:

  • Select a “cover” slide from the left-hand side panel. There are five to choose from

  • Delete the other four “cover” slides that you do not want


















Select a “body” slide:

  • Scroll down the left-hand side panel and view all the “body” slides. You’ll find a variety of different ways to present your information, including tables and graphs

  • The first “body” slide is most generic and is a good starting point

  • Delete the other “body” slides


Create a new slide:

  • Right click on the “body” slide on the left-hand side panel

  • Select "New Slide"

The new slide will be in the same format as the one you right clicked on.