Warm Welcome to everyone curious about People Analytics!

In this short course, we will be covering the basics of Spotfire - your all inclusive data visualisation tool for discovering interesting insights about our people.


What is People Analytics?

What is People Analytics?

People analytics is a data-driven approach to managing people at work.

People Analytics is about moving from developing data to developing insights. We need figure out how to make use of data effectively and if we don't, we are losing out a huge amount of opportunity for change.

Currently, People Analytics is mainly driven by what data is available rather than what is the strategic decision that requires support and business impact we want to have. To do that, we need to comprehend the business or talent challenge our business is facing.

So now is the time to move from "I think" to "I know"

People Analytics Value Chain

The People Analytics Value Chain describes the progression an organisation goes through in their People Analytics Journey. 

We need to move from the left to the right. It is the transformation of "Presenting the information" to "Explaining the impact of the information" to "Indicating the actions required".

Introduction to Spotfire

What is Spotfire?

Spotfire is a Data Visualisation Tool that contains foundational global HR Metrics.  It provides metrics that allows the individual users to slice and dice the data using multiple filters such as countries, gender, age groups, bands, etc. 

What used to take many days of manual effort, now only takes few minutes. 

Piyush Mathur, SVP Global People Analytics

How can you access Spotfire?

Spotfire is available for HR and selected Business Leaders. 

You can access Spotfire easily by click on the URL indicated here. You can login to Spotfire using the same system crendential as your LAN ID. 

Note: If you are connecting from outside of Nielsen Network, you will have to login to VPN. 

What can and Spotfire can't do?

What are the Data Sources of Spotfire

The main data source for Spotfire comes from SAP.  The data is fed from SAP onto Spotfire on a monthly basis. 

Plans are in the pipeline to connect Spotfire to more data sources to provide a more rounded analysis of our people.

Remember: Clean Data is key to Great People Analytics!

Quick Tips to Spotfire

Quick Tips 1 - Multiple Filtering

Within Spotfire, you can quickly slice and dice the data using the various filters that you see on the left of the screen. These filters provide you with a quick and intuitive way to slice down to the right data set you want. 

Once you are done with the filtering, you can simply click on the 'Reset' Button and everything will go back to the original state.

Quick Tips 2 - Multiple Selection within a filter

You can perform multiple selections within each filters to create your own customised selection. To do so, simply click down and and hold onto the 'Ctrl' button and click on the values or you can select a range of values by just holding onto the shift key.