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Team Evaluation and Headcount Planning

One of the first things you will need to do is evaluate the current employees, take into account current open headcount, and make recommendations for additional headcount or resources to fill gaps that may exist on the team.

Please take a look at the members that will be under the marketing organization - take note that not all will report directly to you. 

US Marketing

US Marketing Team

Below you will find information about your US Marketing team as well as any open headcounts you have available to you. 

Thuy Vi Nguyen

Director, Sales Development
Started 4/30/2015 - San Francisco

Reports into Wayne Morris. Joined us 3 years ago as an SDR, has been managing the US Sales development function for about 2 years now and has recently taken on ownership of Content Marketing (Leanna Chan). Was recently promoted from Manager to Director on April 1st, 2018. 

> Thuy Vi's Direct Reports

Treyton 'Trey' Burghardt

Sales Development Representative
Client Success Manager (10/1/2018)
Started 3/12/2017 - San Francisco

Reports into Thuy Vi Nguyen. Recently interviewed for and received an offer for the position of Client Success Manager on the Sales team. His transition from SDR to CSM will take place over Q3, which gives us time to open up and interview for a backfill SDR.

Darren Miller

Senior Sales Development Representative
Started 3/20/2017 - San Francisco

Reports into Thuy Vi Nguyen. Joined us about a year and half ago as a Sales Development Representative. Reports into Thuy Vi Nguyen and was recently promoted to Sr. SDR. Has previously expressed interest in management and marketing. The backfill created by Trey's move to CSM will create an opportunity for Darren to manage and train the new SDR.

Leanna Chan

Content Marketing Associate
Started 1/30/2018 - San Francisco

Originally reported into Wayne Morris but then was moved under Thuy Vi about 2 months ago. Joined us 6 months ago. 

Open Headcount

Sales Development Representative
Expected hire by 9/2018

This is Trey Burghardt's backfill.

Ayana Simmons

Events Marketing Manager
Started 6/19/2017 - San Francisco

Currently reports into Wayne Morris but would report into you once you start. Joined us just over a year ago as an Events Marketing Associate and was recently promoted to Events Marketing Manager. She is interested in stepping up beyond events by running campaigns that support and feed events ROI. 

Matt Oney

Performance Marketing Specialist
Started 6/13/2016 - REMOTE

Currently reports into Jon Wang but would report into you once you start. Was initially an intern at Guidebook in Summer 2015, and joined us full time in 2016. We allowed him to participate in a work/travel program called Remote Year, which enables him to travel and work remotely (so long as the company supports it) from different countries every month. The program runs from 4/1/2018 - 4/1/2019. He was recently promoted from Marketing Associate to Performance Marketing Specialist on 4/1/2018 .

Erica Solomon

CRM Marketing Ops ManagerStarted 1/8/2018 - San Francisco

Currently reports into Jon Wang and has requested to continue to report into Jon Wang and be part of the 'Ops' team which consists of Jon, Peter Whitley, and Erica. She is the primary administrator of Marketo. 

Emily Suh

Marketing Designer
6/18/18 - San Francisco

Currently reports into Pete Lada and will continue to report into Pete Lada. Historically, this position has reported into the Marketing leader, but with this new hire, we made the decision to have all design team members sit on the design team (reporting into Lada) instead of silo'ing the marketing designer. This will help with consistent branding and prevent this position from being underutilized (a problem we had previously)

Open Headcount

Marketing Campaigns Manager
Hire by TBD

This is one flex headcount for you that can be filled in anyway you'd like. This was originally a Marketing Campaigns Manager position. Budget is $110,000 salary.

International Marketing

 International Marketing Team

Here is information on the International Marketing Team. This is a small team and currently reports into Wayne Morris, but eventual goal would be for you to own both domestic and international marketing.

Elizabeth 'Liz' Lewis

Manager, International MarketingStarted 5/18/2016

Currently reports into Wayne Morris. Has owned EMEA marketing since her start and expanded her responsibilities to include APAC marketing (supporting Ara Cho) starting January of 2017.  She is hiring for two open roles currently.

> Liz's Direct Reports

Julia Barrière

Junior Account Executive
Started 3/5/2018
Last day will be 7/27/2018

Upcoming term - last day set to the 27th. Was originally hired to do both SDR work and close some of the smaller deals, but quickly realized she was not a good fit for the role and for Guidebook. She's currently just doing SDR work.

Open Headcount

Sales Development Representative
Expected hire by 9/1/2018

This is Julia's backfill. This role will be SDR only.

Kirsty Rankin

Events Marketing Executive
7/9/2018 - London

Kirsty was just hired and will be starting on Monday!

Additional Details

Britt Bingham

You've interviewed with our Marketing advisor Britt Bingham who will be a resource available to you as well!

email: [email protected]

Management Team

Executives & Middle Managers

In this section you will find detail about the Executives and the people managers in Guidebook and how they fit into our organization. 

Product & Partnerships - Jeff Lewis, CEO & Co-Founder

Jeff is the CEO of Guidebook and the executive for the product team. He is also the lead for the Partnerships team.

> Jeff's Direct Reports

Patrick McNally

Head of Product
5/22/2014 - San Francisco

Patrick originally was hired as our Director of R&D and built our metrics infrastructure and team. He moved into product about a year ago and was promoted to Head of Product at the end of last year.

Teams managed: Data Science, Product in SF

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Product Managers (2), Data Engineer (1)

Joey Ziminsky

7/22/2013 - San Francisco

Joey was originally an Account Executive who became the head of the US EDU sales team before moving into Enterprise sales. From there, he moved onto Partnerships and has been working with Jeff on that for about the past year. He doesn't have any direct reports other than an intern for this summer.

Teams managed: Partnerships in SF

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: n/a

Design - Peter Lada, Creative Director & Co-Founder

Pete Lada is the other co-founder of the company and leads our design team in SF which sits under Product. Has a pretty small design team right now, looking to potentially add an UX Designer position in the future. Pete manages ICs.

> Pete Lada's Direct Reports

Product Design 

This team works closely with Product Managers and engineers to design for features that are being built and released. 

Team Members: Guillermo Mont - Sr. Product Designer, Avto Grigolia - Design Intern

Marketing Design

This team will be working closely with customer-facing teams to design collateral, emails, etc.

Team Members: Emily Suh - Marketing Designer

Sales & Support - Wayne Morris, Chief Revenue Officer

4/7/2014 - San Francisco, CA

Wayne is the CRO of Guidebook. He originally opened up the UK office for us in April 2014, and then was promoted to CRO in February of 2017 and moved from the UK to the US. He oversees all of sales and has 5 Sales leaders reporting into him.

> Wayne's Direct Reports

Jacob Wittenberg

Director, US Customer Engagement
4/22/2013 - San Francisco, CA

Jacob was originally hired as a CSA, and was promoted to manage the Support team. When Wayne took over as CRO, we reorganized the sales team and split the sales team into two areas: New Business and Existing Business. 

Teams managed: US Customer Support, US Account Management team across all verticals (EDU, SMB, Enterprise) in both RDU and SF

Managers reporting: Matthew McHugh - Manager, Customer Success

ICs reporting: Account Managers (5), Client Success Managers (4), Customer Success Associates (indirect - 6)

Jim Gresham

Director, US Sales
3/12/2014 - Raleigh, NC. 

Jim was originally hired as an EDU Account Executive and was promoted to manage the EDU Sales team. When Wayne took over as CRO, Jim took on responsibility for all New Business in the US.

Teams managed: US Sales team across all verticals (EDU, SMB, Enterprise) in both RDU and SF

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Account Executives (3)

Matthew McHugh

Manager, Customer Success
9/2/2014 - Raleigh, NC

Matthew was originally hired as a CSA and was promoted to manage the CS team after Jacob took over Existing Business. He manages the Support Team which is now based out of Raleigh (there are no CSAs in SF)

Teams managed: US Support in Raleigh

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Customer Support Representatives (2), Customer Success Associates (4)

Thuy Vi Nguyen

Director, Sales Development
4/20/2015 - San Francisco, CA

Thuy Vi's bio is in the Marketing team section.

Teams managed: US SDR, Content, Generally B2B side of Marketing

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Sales Development Representative (2), Content Marketing Associate (1)

Stewart Price

Manager, Customer Engagement (UK)
4/28/2015 - London, UK

Stewart is Jacob's UK counterpart and manages EMEA existing business and has UK support and UK Account management reporting into him. He reports directly into Wayne and operates more like a partner to Jacob.

Teams managed: UK Support & Account Management in London

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Customer Success Associates (2), Account Managers (1), Client Success Manager (1)

Richard Rowe

Sales Manager (UK)
4/18/2016 - London, UK

Richard is Jim's UK counterpart. He actually does not have any people he currently manages, and is the sole UK account executive. However, at different points within his Guidebook career, he has managed AEs and Jr AEs. Should the UK grow and we need to hire an AE, we will have that person report into Richard.

Teams managed: UK New Business (Sales)

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: n/a

Liz Lewis

Manager, International Marketing
5/18/2015 - London, UK

You can find Liz's bio & information in the marketing team section.

Teams managed: UK SDRs, Marketing

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Sales Development Representative (1), Marketing Events Executive (1)

Ara Cho

Regional Director–APAC

Ara was hired in, and still is, the head of our APAC office and efforts. She runs a small team based out of Seoul and reports into Wayne. Marketing efforts are co-owned with Liz Lewis. She is primarily a salesperson.

Teams managed: Korea Support, Account Management, Sales (self)

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Customer Success Associate (1), Business Development Representative (1)

Engineering - Pete Banks, VP of Engineering

12/2/2015 - San Francisco, CA

Pete is the VP, Engineering of Guidebook. He was hired in as VP and is the executive for the engineering (but not product) function at Guidebook. He manages some ICs and some Managers in San Francisco (and some ICs in London and one remote contractor in Brazil

> Pete Banks's Direct Reports

Sean Coonce

Director, Web Services
12/2/2013 - San Francisco, CA

Sean joined us as a Web Developer, and as our engineering team grew we promoted him to manage the Web team (consisting of front end and back end). He grew to Director and promoted someone to manage the Front End team and remained the direct manager of Backend Engineers

Teams managed: Back-end ICs, Front-end Team

Managers reporting: Dylan Foster - Manager, Front End

ICs reporting: Backend Engineers (4), Frontend Engineers (indirect - 3)

Dylan Foster

Manager, Front End
11/2/2015 - San Francisco, CA

Dylan joined us as an engineer and originally reported to Josef Hlavacek, who was the former Manager of the Front End team. Josef relocated to the UK (and now works out of the London office) and so management had to be turned over to someone local in SF (which was Dylan). This happened in April of this year so this is a relatively recent change.

Teams managed: Front End

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Front End Engineers (3)

Mobile Team ICs

Android Engineers
iOS Engineers

The mobile team does not have a mobile leader like the web team does, each individual reports into Pete Banks. Mike Sprague was originally based out of the US but moved to the UK.

Android: Ian Whelan (SF) , Savannah Forood (SF)

iOS: Mike Sprague (UK), William Hass (Brazil - contractor)

Security / IT / QA

Security Engineer - Nelson Cheung
Sr. IT Manager - Dan Lyon

Both individuals are hiring to expand their team, Nelson is hiring for a QA Engineer and Dan is hiring an IT support administrator

Finance, Ops, Accounting - Jon Wang, VP of Finance

Jon originally joined us as a Director of Strategic Finance. He owned finance & Sales Ops since the beginning, and took on Accounting and Performance Marketing in the absence of a Marketing Leader. Jon manages a manager as well as a few direct reports

> Jon's Direct Reports

Eric Liu

Manager, Accounting

A recent hire that is the manager of the Accounting team. 

Teams managed: Accounting

Managers reporting: n/a

ICs reporting: Accountants (2)

Ops Team

Sales Operations Manager - Peter Whitley
CRM Marketing Ops Manager - Erica Solomon

The Ops team consists of a Sales Ops Manager and CRM Marketing Ops Manager. Peter is the primary administrator of Salesforce, while Erica is the primary administrator of Marketo.

HR & Talent Acquisition - Irin Son, Head of HR

Irin joined Guidebook and oversaw facilities, HR, and talent (as her starting role) since the beginning but has moved up to manage a small team. Irin is the primary HR employee, with Office Management and Talent reporting into her. Irin manages ICs

> Irin's Direct Reports

Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Coordinator - Mallory Thompson

Currently, we do not partner with any talent or recruiting agencies, all hiring is done in-house between Irin & our dedicated Recruiting Coordinator, Mallory Thompson.

Office Management

Office Manager - Jenny Kim (SF)
Office Administrator - Cara Finkenaur (RDU)

Office management team manages engagement events and facilities.

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Useful Articles

Useful Articles



Note: Books in this section can be expensed.

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