City Partner Training

Instruction on Appointment Setting, Time Management, Presentation, Closing, and Technical Details

City Partner Training Overview

City Partner Training Overview

City Partner Training Overview

This is a detail rich overview of what it takes to be successful as a TLP Team Member.  City Partner training covers everything a Regional Director, Area Director or City Partners need to know to successfully enroll businesses into your local network.

1) Course Objective - How to Enroll Businesses

2) It Starts with You

3) The Appointment Approach

4) The Presentation

5) The Close

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The Business Enrollment Presentation

Business Presentation Video

The Business Enrollment Presentation

The above video provides an example of the business presentation with a technology demonstration.  The main variables of the technology demonstration are: 1) which User account is being used (TLP Members or Business User), and 2) which devices.  A separate lesson dedicated to better explaining these variables is currently under development and will be introduced to this training at a later date.

Presentation Script

TheLocalProject Presentation

SET THE STAGE – Be sure you have the qualified buyer, their attention, and a good environment?

I have a thank you gift for your time with us today…it’s a $500 Voucher for IT services from Enet Technologies. Enet is a 20 yr old IT firm that’s done all the graphic and technical work for TheLocalProject.

If you need any website work, graphic design, search optimization or social media work…this will take $500 off any order of $750 or more. If you’ll give me your email address, I’ll send it to you right now. (before I leave)


  1. TheLocalProject is a national crowdsourcing initiative with the mission to “Build a Better Internet”, at the local level. The Internet works great globally, tremendous nationally, but it hasn’t matured at the local level the way it should be, could be or ultimately will be.

  2. The Internet’s rise nationally coupled with an increase in the number of National Chains in the community, has actually increased competition for many local businesses with the real impact being “lost community dollars”.

Of every $100 spent:

  • $48 stay in the community when we choose a locally owned business,

  • vs $14 with a national chain

  • and only $1 when we buy online

We’re not out to eliminate big-box companies or online retailers, we are out to equip local business with technology that evens the playing field. Even service businesses like a plumber benefit when area residents buy locally…because when the community has more dollars, we all do better.

3. The World’s Gone Mobile but the local business community hasn’t. To Remain Competitive & Keep Pace with Millennial Consumers - Local Businesses must learn to tap the power of the cellphone

We’ve all seen the change…people are hooked to their devices.

  • 91% of people keep their mobile device within reach at all times

  • US mobile device usage has surpassed desktop usage

  • Most people prefer to text over email or phone calls

  • 75% of consumers say they want the companies they do business with to send offers to their phone.  

We live in a different world than we did 3 years ago…and the evolution is going to continue.

4. TheLocalProject is addressing these challenges by opening what are called “Local Area Networks” in communities across the country. Our technology provides the platform the network is built on;and runs on Apple, Android and the Cloud. We’re currently setting up the _____________ network.

Each Network does 3 things for the community:

  1. Aggregate comprehensive local information about the community & local area businesses into one place.

  2. Support Local Commerce using today’s best technologies.

  3. Equip local business with the technology they need to connect with area consumers and compete in this digital world. (Impossible to have true web location without involving local businesses. Most local businesses face 1 of 3 challenges, knowledge, money and time)

The greater _______ area has over 5000 businesses;

In our first phase we’re enrolling 135 local businesses to form the network’s core.

We’ve selected ________________ as one of the initial businesses we’d like to have.

5. We want you in the network.

  • We will give you a free listing which includes a profile and promotion of up to 5 of your offers at no charge. Local Offers are one of the allures that draw Users to our app…in one place they can find local specials on haircuts, lunches, dinners, oil changes and more around town. (No Usage Fees Like Groupon)
  • We’ll build your profile for you for a onetime $99, with no ongoing costs. Or if you’d like to do it, we’ll give you the tools to build it yourself for FREE. (Show Profile on App)the choice is you

  • If you choose to upgrade your account as one of the initial 135 businesses. You’ll receive our TrueCONNECT technology plus get priority placement in the network.

6. Joining the Network helps businesses attract new customers by placing your business onto area cellphones. Let me ask: are you doing anything specific to position your company onto mobile devices right now?

As a network Featured Business, your company will be promoted in 4 areas of our app – the Offers Section, the Business Directory, the Local Feed and your profile. Let me show you (demo all 4 – explain Featured Businesses can post a promotion every week that goes to all the cellphones in the network)

7. In addition to this placement, Featured Businesses are equipped with our TrueCONNECT technology: TrueCONNECT allows Users to do a few things: first are to message your business and connect their mobile device to your business as a VIP Customer.

Let me show you how this works, we’ll start with messaging:


  • Profile Messaging to SMS Relaying: Users can message a question before they come in to buy. From your profile Users simply choose the message icon. We’ll go to my demo profile, click message and we’ll tell my business “we need a quote” for service. Type it in, push send…did you hear what happened? Our system forwarded the message to my cellphone as an SMS text message…plus it’s in my account inbox.
  • (Explain that all messages are transmitted through the platform without ever revealing anyone’s personal cellphone number.)
  • Show VIP Program & Demo Both Ways to Connect: (Profile Connect Icon and SMS Signup)
    1. Whenever Users find a local business they like, they can join that company’s VIP Program to receive the best news, offers & specials from that business. By VIP Connecting, a direct connection is established between their mobile device and your business.

    2. (Show VIP List in BCC) New VIPCONNECTIONs are instantly added to your company’s VIP list. You now have their permission to send your marketing messages to their cellphone. This VIP List will become one of the most valuable lists your company has

    3. Users can connect with your business in 2 ways: the First is simply be clicking the Connect Icon at the top of your profile like this. The second is through SMS Signup.
      (Show Connect 2 ways: Profile Connect and SMS signup (have business text your keyword, download app and establish an account))

    4. Show BCC, Explain & Demo 121 and Broadcast messaging:

  • Send an actual 1to1 message. (Have them reply, then send a message)

  • Show Inbox

  • Demo Explain SMS Relaying

  • Explain that all messages are transmitted through the platform without ever revealing anyone’s personal cellphone number.

It gets better, TrueCONNECT also lets you accept SMS text messages. Let me ask you a question, with all the texting you’ve done in the past 30 days, how many local businesses have you texted? That’s right…because unless you know the owners personal cellphone number, you can’t text a local business.

You can now……TrueCONNECT accepts inbound texts from any phone, anywhere in the world….and routes the text to any cellphone you choose without ever revealing your personal cell number.

To activate this functionality all you need to do is order a dedicated SMS number for $5/mo, easy and inexpensive. – Just publish the number to your business card, website and other marketing material and you’re done.

All this messaging functionality is included with a TrueCONNECT Membership, for only $59 a month during phase 1.

Well there you go..that’s how the VIP Connecting and messaging work. You can begin building your VIP list with your best customers immediately, by letting them know you have a new VIP Program where your best customers receive an exclusive weekly or monthly offer sent direct to their mobile device. We recommend starting with about 25, get familiar with the TrueConnect technology and then grow from there.

8. Now…there’s one other technology I want to cover that’s coming after we enroll the Phase one businesses into network…’s called the VIP Local Rewards Program. I’m sure you’re family with rewards program like what Kroger, Walgreens, CVS have? (Local businesses face 2 challenges with reward programs: 1) Technology, 2) doesn’t work for their business)

VIP Local Rewards incentivizes area consumers to buy in-network…by giving local reward dollars. To qualify, Users must be a Member of your VIP list in order to earn or redeem a reward with you. You set your reward level to whatever you like between 2% and 20%. Users make a purchase from you at the regular price and our system credits your reward to their account. The strength of the program is that area consumers can redeem rewards at any participating business in the network; that’s where it gets fun. When a user redeems rewards with you, the system transfers payment to your account. You’ll be hearing more when VIP Rewards comes to the network. (Play 2 minute Video)

9. By Joining the Network as a Phase 1 business, you have an opportunity to jump ahead of your competition.

Let’s start with how we build the network – Users are a key stakeholder in the network and we utilize multiple approaches to attract them.

The network’s user base expands organically as each new business adds customers to their VIP List. Even when the network is new, business members can get value by using the TrueCONNECT technology fir their own internal marketing.

When you take the 135 Phase one businesses who add just 25 customers to their VIP program, it generates over 3000+ users into the network, alone. (Of your existing customers, do you believe there are 25 who would like to be on your VIP list?)

In addition, TheLocalProject is giving non-commercial entities like animal rescue groups, charities, churches, pta’s and veterans groups our TrueCONNECT technology at no cost in exchange for their members joining the Network. These organizations have a need to connect with their members via mobile messaging and our technology meets the need.

Most of these organizations have 100 or more members. Their members become network users…..and these are people who have an interest in finding local offers, businesses and events.

Every 25 organizations who connect with 100 members generates another 2500 users in the network.

10. Let me explain how your company appears in the directory. Businesses get placed into 1 of 3 tiers. Free businesses are in tier 3, and listed alphabetically. TrueCONNECT businesses are in Tier 2 and Featured Businesses are moved out of Tier 3 up to tier 1 at the top of the category. Which is where we want to place you.

Featured businesses are ranked by date of enrollment. Your position is permanently locked for life; as the network grows you can never be overtaken by your competitors.

The Featured Business Membership is only $99 a month during Phase one…you get all the TrueConnect technology, Top Category Placement, The ability to advertise in the Local Feed, plus access to future technology.

11. The Network Rollout Consists of 3 Phases

Phase One is to enroll the founding 135 businesses over the next 120 days. There’s a little bit of the chicken and the egg story here, before we can aggressively enroll users there has to be some businesses in the network. The Phase 1 businesses meet that need. In step 1 we ask you to do 2 things for us and we’ll do 3 things for you.

We ask you to 1) Enroll as a Phase One Business and 2) Help spread the word. (we have a door sticker and some other collateral material)

  • We’ll position you in the network and give our TrueConnect technology for free during Phase One.
  • At launch time in ______ we’ll discount your membership for one full year.
  • You’ll receive a top Position in your category.

Once the 135 phase one businesses are in place, the Step 2 focus shifts to User Acquisition.

We’ve already started adding Users among our Friends & Supporters – We added 100 Users our first week and are currently adding about 50 per week while we’re still in prelaunch. I’m going to ask you to download the app and ask you to ask your employees to do the same.

With each of the initial 135 businesses adding just 25 customers to their VIP program and Community organizations joining the network, we’ll easily reach our first year 5000 User goal.

Step 3 starts about month 8 with Community Involvement & Increased Network expansion. Our best advertising is Local Community Involvement…once the 135 businesses are in place and billing starts, the home office returns 5% of all monthly memberships to be distributed back into the community.

Examples are: the girls volley ball team has to compete in a championship in another city, the little leaguer’s need equipment…or the city is putting on a 4th of July event and they’re looking for someone to sponsor the band at $3000. These are all things TheLocalProject will support.

In round numbers, every 100 featured businesses who join the network generates $1000 a month for the community. 500 businesses means $5000 every month. We believe the more community support we give, the more our presence in the community grows.

Test Close: Would you like to know how you can join the ________ network?

12. CLOSE: As a Network Featured Business

Becoming one of the network’s Featured Businesses is easy. There’s a onetime activation fee of $99 that gets your profile created and the technology in place. I’ll take care of setting up everything for you.

For Phase One Featured Business the membership is only $99/mo for your first full year.

Let me explain how this works: our launch is in (Launch Month), you’d be prepaying (Launch Month) but you’ll get the category placement and all the technology today. You use it the rest of the month, next month and even (Launch Month) and your next billing won’t occur until (Month After)…which at that time is only $99.

All we need to do is 1) decide which category you’d like to be in and 2) gather some information for your profile.

Activity & Time Management

Activity & Time Management

Activity & Time Management

Details and explanations on how to best utilize your time to enroll the most businesses as quickly as possible. 

Appointment Setting

The Wheel of Fortune

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