Apprenticeship Program


Which are your expectations?

Apprenticeship Program Structure


Our course is divided as noted above. Phase 1 represents the instructor led portion, Phase 2 describes shadowing and Phase 3 is covered through a practical certification

Alorica Culture

This is Alorica

It’s pretty simple, really. We’re a company that does one thing—we make lives better…one interaction at a time—for our clients, customers, colleagues and communities. And we do it by relying on our people and leveraging the process, tools and technologies needed to deliver an insanely great customer experience.

Every day, we find new ways to challenge the status quo and deliver innovative solutions—and we have a pretty awesome time doing it, too.

At Alorica, our focus is on creating insanely great experiences for customers—online, on the phone and through social media. We approach it from all sides; from acquisition and sales to customer care, offering a suite of world-class services including customer relationship management and back office support. We’re proud to passionately serve clients as diverse as we are—including communications, financial services, healthcare, retail and tech companies, many in the Fortune 500. Our team is vast and wide, comprised of more than 100,000 employees in 150 locations across 16 countries around the globe


Everything starts with conviction. A desire to do things differently, and the audacity to believe that we’ll succeed. We’re problem solvers. Question answerers. Strategic dreamers. We see every interaction as an opportunity to create opportunities—for our customers, our clients, our colleagues and our communities. 


 We’re 110% committed to the end result. Onward and upward, it’s all about helping our customers and taking our clients to the next level. We stay engaged. We mine new sources of inspiration. And we give it our all, no matter the challenge. They say go big or go home. We don’t believe in the latter. 


 100,000 employees. Operations in 16 countries. Over 70% of our business is with Fortune 500 companies. So where do we go from here? 

Anywhere. Everywhere. We’re always innovating, evolving, imagining new ways to continuously improve. Some see the sky as the limit. We see the sky as a stepping stone.

LATAM Footprint

No market is more attractive than Latin America for companies wishing to globalize their business while remaining cost-competitive and we take great pride on belonging to the talent within the region, this map illustrates our current presence in it. 

From top to bottom: 

North: Mexico (Guadalajara & Mexico City) 

Central: Guatemala, Honduras, Panama 

Caribbean: Jamaica (Kingston & Portmore), Dominican Republic, Antigua 

South: Brazil, Uruguay

Our Industry

The BPO Industry

For example instead of paying to staff and operate an entire customer service department with a company that, for instance, makes children’s toys, this company instead outsources their contact center responsibilities to another company that specializes in managing such affairs, aka ALORICA. In this way, the original toy manufacture can save on money, resources, and valuable production time by making use of BPO practices