Taiwan puppet show.

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I will introduce a very unique traditional Taiwanese culture - Taiwanese puppet.

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History and Development

Later, due to the Emperor’s movement during the Japanese occupation period Open-air puppet was banned. They started to develop a theater form of "inner drama"

The puppet show came to Taiwan from China in the 1750sMainly based on the "Ancient Book Series" of the open field platform.

The rise of martial arts fiction in the 1920s.The puppet show started with stories of rivers and lakes. There has been a system of "Swordsman Opera."

Later, due to the Emperor’s movement during the Japanese occupation period. Open-air puppet was banned. They started to develop a theater form of "inner drama."

After the 1950 war, the "gold drama" was developed Began to try sound and light effects, gorgeous scenery, fine costumes, etc. Taiwanese puppet towards the refined route.

The construction of the puppets

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Modern puppet

Its size is 5 to 10 times larger than traditional ones. It must be controlled with two hands. It can make more lively actions. The decoration is also gorgeous.

Traditional puppets

One hand can control a puppet. Its size is small. It can also make fewer actions.

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This is the internal structure of the puppet.The operator put his right hand into the body of the opera to control its head and right hand.

His left hand holds the leverCalled"Tian-Ti-Tong" which can control the puppet's left hand

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Finger joint

Foot joints

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Head unit

The operator can control its mouth and eyes with his fingers


The left hand of puppet is more flexible.Because the operator’s right hand need to controls the head and supports the body.The operator's left hand and the puppet's left hand are independently controlled.

Something about Taiwan puppet.

The oldest TV puppet show in Taiwan is PILI. How long did they perform in total?

  • 100 hours (it takes a full 4 days to finish it)
  • 500 hours (it takes a full 20 days to finish it)
  • 800 hours (it takes a full 35 days to finish it)
  • 1500 hours (it takes a full 65 days to finish it)
  • 2000 hours (it takes a full 85 days to watch it)

There are usually 20 characters in a series of Taiwan TV puppet show. How many voice actors are they required?

  • 40
  • 20
  • 10
  • 5
  • 1

Who is the main acto of PILI?

Who is the main acto of KimKong?

The classic fragment.

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Music is a very important part of Taiwan's puppet show. This music video is very unique.

KimKong classic martial arts.

This is a kung fu movie made by KimKong. You can see the delicate movements and the beautiful shots in this video.

Who knows the ranger's fate? Endless drinking and killing.

It is the first time PILI cooperates with Japan Animation Company. They break the traditional way and use of multiplayer voice.