Salesforce for Welcome Team Executives

As a Welcome Team Executive, your day-to-day will be structured around your interaction with Salesforce. 

This course covers the key aspects of the tools in your arsenal, from using your Partner Report as your game plan, to measuring your success.

Leads for Welcome Team Execs

Where do Leads come from?

Lead Source

Lead Tasks & Events

Converting Leads

Merging Accounts

Moving Leads back to Marketing

Other than the Account itself, what else do you need to Merge when converting a Lead?

When merging duplicate Accounts, which needs to be the Master Record?

Fast-Track Partner Accounts

Account Detail

HubSpot Enagagement

Opportunities and Contacts

Ongoing Fast-Track Notes

Adding Users to Training

Graduating Partners to Account Managers

Where do you go to access Litmos, so you can set Users up on Receipt Bank's Training courses?

Your Partner Report




The Welcome Team Dashboard

What is the Welcome Team Dashboard?

The New Partners Report

Which of these Reports shows the outcomes of this month's Consultations?

Which of these Reports shows how many calls the Team has made this week?

Reminders on Tasks and Events

Tasks & Events: What's the Difference?

Keeping Track of Tasks & Events