Mastering Project Management

Welcome to the Mastering Project Management short course. We know that you are already managing projects and know a lot about project management. This course is intended to help you take project management to a new level of mastery by refreshing some of the basics and by giving you tools that will help you structure your project plans for effective project management through the entire project life cycle.

The course consists of two modules that run over two weeks. The course is completely online and allows you to access it whenever you can or need to. There is an practical assignment at the end of the second module that will help you practice and demonstrate the skills you learn. 

Good luck and enjoy the course!

Module 2: Planning every step for effective project management - Project kickoff and definition

What life cycle phase does the project kickoff and definition step align with?

  • Define
  • Implement
  • Brief
  • Plan

Notes for Module 2 Unit 1: Project kickoff and definition

Project kickoff and definition

By the end of this unit in module 2, you will be able to create a project definition document that acts as the blue print for your project plan and outlines the specific goals, parameters, and stakeholders that make up the project.

The project definition forms part of the “define” phase of the project life cycle that we covered in Module 1. Because it is the first phase, is includes all the important parts of kicking off a project so that everyone involved knows what the project is, what must be achieved, and when it must be achieved by.

The following three areas must be accounted for in the kickoff and definition step. You can remember it easily by using the acronym GAS: Goals, Actors, Scope, and Sign-off

Goals: Articulate what is required of the project in terms end results and outcomes. State when the project aims to meet these requirements and outline the schedule milestones.

Actors: Team, stakeholders, and sponsors must be identified and briefed on the project goals.

Scope: Itemise the technical requirements, limitations, exclusions, and project budget.

Sign-off: The project sponsor and stakeholders must sign off on the project definition. This is an important step because it is the point where everyone involved in the project states their commitment to the project and their role in it and their understanding of what the project includes, excludes, and when its goals will be met.