Recap Activity

This activity is to check your understanding about the training imparted in the last few days

Lets Begin

Who started Microfinance in India?

Match the following

  • 2008
    Samasta Microfinance started its operation
  • 2006
    Nobel Peace Prize
  • 2009
    MFIN came into existence
  • 1976
    Grameen bank started in Bangladesh

Arrange in the right order

  • Loan Utilization Check
  • Area Survey
  • Branch Opening
  • Branch Survey
  • Street Survey
  • Projection Meeting
  • Group Formation
  • Compulsory Group Training
  • Center Collection
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Group Recognition Test
  • Area Selection

What kind of member do you select?

  • Active Working Women's
  • Women with no income
  • Family income above Rs.1,00,000 (Rural) and Rs.1,60,000 (Urban)
  • Who has a minimum residence stability of 2 years
  • Who falls in the age criteria of 18 to 53 years

What are the features of Joint Liability Group

  • should be of the same socio background
  • any number of the family member can be a part of the JLG group
  • member need not attend regular meetings
  • Each and every member will be responsible for repaying the loan amount of the group

Fill in the blanks

E Individuals , Enriching 

Write the Core Values of Samasta

Fill in the blanks

Loan product of Samasta

State whether the statements are True or False

  • Samasta is the business correspondents with Yes Bank and IDBI Bank
  • Yes Bank and IDBI is the Business Correspondents

What are the things you do before you go for collection

  • Make an entry in the movement register
  • Make an entry in the minute's book
  • Collect the demand sheet
  • collect the receipts and minute book