QA Process

QA Process

At the end of this course the QA person will be able to explain and follow the current process.

Test Case Status Description

The flowchart below describes the different status a case may have through the development cycle

Test Case Creation

New Case Creation

Case Title

  First than all the title should be short but at the same time it should allow the user to have an idea of the issue. In order to do that, it's recommendable to  include the following information:

  • Site: The site where the error is observed. (NHS, MNH, NHS Pro, NHL, PL's)
  • Page: The page that is having the problem. (Home Page, Community Results, Community Details, Home Details, etc.)
  • Description: A brief description of the issue.

For instance, if there's a error o the type ahead functionality in the home page of the NHS site, the description should be something like this:

NHS - Home Page: Type ahead functionality is not displaying when entering some text.

Case Project


There are two basic QA bug report types:

  1. Production Defects
  2. Defects  occurring as a result of new functionality being introduced in sprint/release.

1. Production Defects

If a bug is found and it's reproducible in the Production environment, format the ticket as follows:

  1. Project: NHS Web App
  2. Assigned to: Paul Traskal (Primary Contact)
  3. Area: According to the error (Most of the cases would be _General or NHS) 
  4. Milestone: Undecided
  5. Status: Active
  6. Priority: QA can default these tickets to “low” priority and business/BA will raise the priority later on, as needed.

Sprint Defects


If a bug is found during the release that relates to new functionality being developed within the current iteration and it's not reproducible in Production, format the ticket as follows:

  1. Project: BDX Sprint
  2. Area: Sprint Bugs.
  3. Assigned to: Mario Granados (Primary Contact)
  4. Milestone: Assign to current milestone (e.g.:
  5. Status: Actionable


 make sure to include the estimation for the case in the right pane. You have to make sure to include the quantity of hours it will take to test the fix. The fields that need to be filled are: QA Estimate and Estimate

Case Information

  When a new case is created, we have to make sure we're including all the relevant information related with the issue. In order to do that, the case must contain at least the following sections:

  • Steps to reproduce: A list of the steps to follow in order to reproduce the error.
  • Expected behavior: How the system should work.
  • Current behavior: How the system is currently working.
  • Browser: The browser where the issue is observed.
  • Example URL's: In case the issue is only present in certain pages, it's good to include the URL of those pages.

Important: Also include screenshots and/or videos as needed that could help to show in a better way the problem.