Task Track Evaluation

Ensuring that projects are done as planned by applying a evaluation process before the actual project takes place.This will be done through giving a presentation of the planning to a forum that will then interact and give constructive feedback which will then be evaluated to also identify the outstanding tasks that still needs to be handled and how it can be merged to the financial budget of the project.

Evaluating Skills

What is part of good planning and organizing skills?

  • Punctual
  • Checklist available and ticked before the event
  • Clear and constructive communication
  • Less resource as a form of financial cost

Task Track Evaluation Programme

Does the planner have good planning and organizing skills? Is he/she able to work under pressure? Is he/she detail orientated and has a good memory as he/she will be expected to remember everything. Planners (learners) must be able to evaluate a project before it has even taken place. After the planning has been done, everything can be presented and evaluation can take place there as part of analyzing which will help identify the necessities needed before the actual project takes place. Evaluation helps to bring a better and deeper depth of projects and also enhances the involvement of all organizers of the project. It ensures that things are arranged and organized in time and gives enough time to also get more contacts of external suppliers that might be needed. Evaluation is also tool that is also able to bring out a light on the financial side of the project. It’s important to do evaluation before the actual project as it gives a brief overview of all the highlights and lowlights.

Analyzing Skills

What tools can be used for analyzing, choose more than one?

  • Social Network
  • OpenRefine
  • Tableau Public

Presentation Skills

The best place to do a presentation is in a?

  • Tea Room
  • Boardroom
  • Discussion Room
  • Conference Room

Planning, Organizing, Controlling, and Leading Skills

How can evaluation be done?

  • Discussion after a presentation has been done
  • Making Notes and writing a report
  • Questionnaire from the planning that has been done
  • Reading at the document only