Module 1 - About the Company



We are pleased to have you working with us.
We @ company look forward to see you grow and develop into an outstanding employee that exhibits a high level of care, concern and compassion for others. We hope that you will find your work to be rewarding, challenging and meaningful.

We will expect your best each day and we are also concerned about your development @ company.

The keys to your success will be being dependable, reliable... and following the policies and procedures. While doing these things, you will be successful, and so will the company.
Looking forward to see you grow as a professional.

Welcome once again!!!

In the next few hours, you will be going through a few modules where you will be learning more about the company, its product and the space of CSM.


In this Module, you will find four lessons. Each lesson covers a brief about the company history, strategies, and functions. You will also learn about the Customer Success Management space and a little more about CRM space.


Understand the Industry of Customer Success Management Know the history of the company

Lesson 1: Company Overview - The space of Customer Success Management

Company History

Features of the product


Details of Funding

Company Strategies


Company Functions

State whether the following statement is either True or False. "Customer Success is about a business being proactive, while customer service is about being reactive."

Customer Success Management is not about technology, it is a disciplined approach of having

State whether the following statement is either True or False. "Customer-driven enterprises are using Gainsight to proactively manage retention, reduce unexpected churn and identify up sell opportunities."