End of Lesson Assessment

Fill in each space with either the gerund ("-ing") OR the infinitive (to ...) form of the verb.

Example: "Reading in the dark is difficult." OR "Don't forget to brush your teeth."


Infinitive or Gerund Assessment

Infinitives are the forms of the verb with "-ing" ending.  (True or False)

  • True
  • False

James offered ________________ us move.

  • to help
  • helping

What do you want _____ tonight?

  • to do
  • doing

Her daughter decided _____ a veterinarian.

  • to become
  • becoming

I have decided on _____ a veterinarian.

  • to become
  • becoming

I hope _____ to Greece this summer.

  • to travel
  • traveling

The man from Brazil appears _____ the best dancer in the group.

  • to be
  • being

I learned _____ French while I was living in Switzerland.

  • to speak
  • speaking

I remember _____ her at the beach last week.

  • to see
  • seeing

Don't forget _____ your mother!

  • to call
  • calling

She promised _____ to the theater with me.

  • to go
  • going