Virgin Birth - AP Lang

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Mother Universe

What fell off of Mother Universes knee and created everything?

  • A chicken egg
  • A teal egg
  • A seal egg
  • A turtle egg

Väinämöinen was born a ....?

The baby was born a 

Mother Universe is the goddess of life and death

  • Mother Universe is the goddess of life and death

Matrix of Destiny

Where was the myth from?

  • Southeast Africa
  • Northeast Africa
  • Southwest Africa
  • Northwest Africa

Put the following in chronological order.

  • Masssassi gave birth to chickens, sheeps, and goats.
  • Morongo gave birth to eland and cattle
  • Morongo gave birth to boys
  • Morongo gave birth to girls
  • Morongo gave birth to lions, leopords, snakes, and scorpions

Womb of Redemption

Who did people believe was causing the virgin births?

  • The devil
  • God
  • They weren't really virgins

The Brahmin was really

the brahmin was really  

Folk Stories of the Virgin Birth

The story of the "Handsome Man" came from Tonga

  • The story of the "Handsome Man" was from Tonga

What religions were used as an example?

  • Buddhism
  • Aztec
  • Hinduism
  • Bahai

Connection to the Monomyth

Explain the connection between the Monomyth and Virgin births in a paragraph