Simulation 2

The local office manager forwards the Regional DOA an e-mail from the office managing partner asking to fire the front-desk receptionist for not offering one of his top clients a beverage while they waited in the lobby.

Email Response to the Local Office Manager

How will you respond?

The DOA receives the above e-mail from a local office manager. How will you respond?

Your e-mail response:

What are your next steps?

Receptionist Contacts HR

The receptionist contacts the local HR manager to complain she is being unfairly treated.

The Receptionist's Side

The receptionist comes to the office of the local HR manager during her lunch break to tell her side of the story.

She says that she did offer the client a beverage after she checked her in and gave her an opportunity to sit down. She says that she noticed an associate was in the lobby when the client came in and assumes that he told the partner that she did not offer the client a beverage when she first checked-in. 

The receptionist said that the partner is telling multiple people in the office that she is lazy and should be replaced.

The local HR manager has called you to conference in.

What do you say to the local HR person and the receptionist?

What are your next steps?