USAN Developer's 101: Reports

  Welcome to USAN Developer 101!  We are happy that you have joined the USAN team.  USAN has unique applications with unique methods to code call-flows. The USAN Developer 101 modules address unique USAN methods and procedures.  After this module, you will be able to articulate and understand the importance of pegging an application accurately. 



USAN Reports?

Problem Solving - What Happened Here?

Describe What Happened Here?

Type of Reports

Generating an RPT

How to Peg an Application

What are Dynamic Pegs?

Creating Dynamic Pegs

Which items should be pegged?

Match the steps and actions to peg correctly.

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Step 1
Load and view the Report
Step 2
Run a manager command to merge the changes
Step 3
Locate the pegs on the Visio call-flow and the code.
Step 4
Add Report ID values to your code to match the Visio call-flow.

What are Collapsible Menus?

Viewing and Loading Reports

Loading an RPT file via the Button

The Button Uses

Viewing Reports via IVR Vision

IVR Vision Basics

Putting it all Together

Demonstrate Your New Skills by generating a report.