2nd challenge: Welcome to HUNGARY

Hi there! Warm welcome to Hungary and to your project as well. Here I hope to help you get to know to this amazing city by challenging you to a couple of fun activities. 

Before you start, follow We Love Budapest group on FB or visit welovebudapest.com for further tips and recommendations about what to do/see/eat/experience around Bp at any time of the year.



Let!s see how much you picked up about Hungary. Good luck!

Basics of Hungary: which one is the Hungarian flag?

Which of the below are typical to Hungary?

  • Pálinka
  • Paprika
  • Rubic cube
  • Cheese and wine
  • Tokaji wine
  • Tejföl
  • Dunakavics
  • Erős Pista
  • Island of Freedom
  • VOLT Festival
  • Carl's Bridge
  • Chain Bridge

Visit the city

Swing Out Budapest

Watch the video and try to visit as many of the included places as you can!

Upload photos of the places you visited to your project's group.

Go to Gellért Hill and name the philosophers! Also find out what the sculpture stands for.

Go up to the Garden of Philosophers, enjoy the sights and find out more about the sculpture. Better with friends and a bottle of wine ;)

Which is your favorite túró rudi?

I hope you've already heard about the famous Hungarian dessert, the sweet cottage cheese bar with filling and a chocolate coating... could anybody want more? 

I also hope you tried at least one but I would recommend to try them all! Below, please describe which one was your favorite or well, if you did not like it, explain that and expect me to try a bit inside. :(

Must haves: plain túró rudi with dark chocolate coating (original); plain with milk coating; strawberry flavored rudi, peach flavored rudi; seasonal flavors like with poppy seeds and cherry; fitt rudi with muesli and white chocolate coating...and the list goes on and on. 

So waiting for your opinion!

Let's see your language skills - match the followings

  • Mizu
    What's up
  • Zsír
  • Cső
  • Köszi
  • Gyerünk
    Let's go
  • Légyszi
  • Egészségedre
    Cheers/Bless you/Enjoy

Cultural quiz - match the following

  • Szimpla
    Popular place in Kazinczy street / drinks, food, music, concerts, reading club, sisha
  • Fröccs
    A drink of wine and sparkling water mixed
  • Lángos
    Bread like hungaricum with sweet and sour toppings
  • Bubi
    Urban bicycle transportation
  • Gulyás
    Famous Hungarian soup with paprika and beef
  • Puli
    Famous mop-like dog type
  • Szabihíd
    An event on Szabadság híd during some summer weekends when the bridge is closed and given to the public - people can have a picnic on the bridge plus a lot of activities

Cultural quiz part 2 - True or False?

  • Budapest has a total of 10 bridges over the Danube
  • The statue on top of Gellert Hill is called the Statue of Freedom
  • Hungarian people always greet each other by hugging
  • Hungarian people prefer to eat together and wait for everybody to sit down before starting to eat
  • Hungarian people always say Bless you when someone sneezes
  • Unicum is a shot made of herbs
  • Hungarians are sad to be a pessimistic nation
  • Budapest has 25 districts
  • Velence (Venice) is a name of a place that can be found both in Italy and in Hungary
  • Balaton is also called the Hungarian Sea
  • The Synagogue at Dohány street is the biggest one in Europe

What is a Csótány?

  • Cockroach
  • The nickname of a Hungarian singer
  • An alcoholic drink
  • The nickname of a popular Hungarian snack
  • The name of the bartender at Főbejárat pub

Take tram 2 from Jászai tér to Boráros tér and post a video about the journey to your project's FB group! (no need to record the whole, only a part is enough)

What is on the picture?

  • Budapest Zoo
  • Budapest Museum of History
  • Budapest Museum of Geography

What is on the picture?

  • Városliget
  • Kertem
  • Rombusz terasz
  • Budapest Eye

What is on the picture?

  • Rombusz terasz
  • Bálna terasz
  • Szimpla kert
  • Budapest Park

What is on the picture?

  • Island of Freedom
  • Rombusz terasz
  • Budapest Park
  • Kertem

What is on the picture?

  • Gozsdu udvar
  • A38
  • Pántlika, Városliget

What is on the picture?

  • Budapest Park
  • Corvinus Cafe
  • Akvárium
  • A38