Connecting to the internet

Ways to connect to the internet

There are 3 main ways you can connect to the internet that you should know about. Once you are connected to the internet by one of these methods you can use anything that is internet based—apps, websites, email etc.


  • WiFi gives you wireless access to the internet by connecting your mobile device to a little box (router ) that emits a wireless signal in a particular location. You probably have a router at home that gives you a wireless internet connection that you login to. When you are out and about you will often see signs for locations offering free WiFi where you can connect to their router and access the internet without needing to login.
  • On campus at Salford you can use the UoS-WiFi.
  • If you travel between HE institutions you can use Eduroam, an HE WiFi network.
  • More on WiFi  

Mobile Data

  • Mobile Data is usually included in a mobile phone contract and it means you can connect your mobile to the internet wherever you are. Nowadays the mobile data allowance included with phone contracts is often unlimited.
  • Activity – check how much mobile data you are using each month???
  • Mobile data is provided by the mobile network that you have your contract with, e.g. EE, BT, Vodafone or Three.
  • There are different types of mobile network known as 3G and 4G. the main difference between them is speed. Salford is currently undertaking research into 5G which will be even faster than 4G Read moe:

Find out how much mobile data you use each month.

Cable Connection

  • Cable connection is what you would use at your desk at work—the internet cable will go from the port on the wall into your phone then out of your phone into your computer. This gives you the most stable, fastest internet connection.

Connecting to other devices. We will look at ways you can get different devices to talk to each other.


Bluetooth is a way that you can connect mobile devices to each other over short distances. For example, you can connect your phone to a Bluetooth headset or hands free in your car.

Which device needs a cable to work?

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