Office Party Training

This course will help us understand the acceptable social behaviours at an office party.


Welcome to the office party sensitization training

We are generally less careful when it comes to our conduct at office social events as compared to during regular working hours, particularly when alcohol is involved. We let loose and concentrate on having a good time.

Let's take a look at how sexual harassment can manifest itself at an office party

Sexual Harassment can take many forms. At office parties, it can range from inappropriate touching, hugging or kissing to suggestive remarks.  It doesn’t need to be in person – it can even take place via e-mail or social media or subsequent to the event.

Incidences that are acceptable or insignificant to one individual will have a substantial impact on another.

Behaviour that would normally seem inappropriate can rear its ugly head when alcohol is available in abundance and teams let their hair down.

Which of the below pictures do you think depicts inappropriate behavior?

Office Party Guidelines

Guideline # 1

The first thing to remember is that:

Regardless of alcohol or not, any form of misbehaviour, misconduct or harassment that takes place at a party will be looked at with a serious view. 

Such deviation will be dealt in accordance with the internal policy and disciplinary action will be initiated.

You have arrived at the party before your team and have had a few drinks while you wait for them. When they finally arrive at the party, what do you do?

  • Run through the crowd and hug your team members to greet them
  • Wave to them indicating where you are standing
  • Kiss your team members on the cheek and say "Hi"
  • Shake their hand to say "Hi"
  • Drag everyone in your team to the dance floor

Guideline # 2

In case of service of alcohol at the party, the following points are to be noted:

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, or use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. In case you chose to consume alcohol, you are advised to drink responsibly and be respectful to others
  • Alcohol consumption may not be treated as an excuse for any misbehaviour including using inappropriate language, violent behaviour or any form of harassment.
  • You may be politely asked to stop drinking / vacate the party in case you are found to be in an inebriated state.

How much is too much

Let's watch this video to understand how much alcohol is too much.

Match the two halves of each sentences you see below

  • Although the drinks are on the house,
    we should limit the amount of alcohol we consume
  • The announcement for last round of drinks has been made
    therefore we should not make requests for more drinks at the bar
  • Carrying your drinks to the dance floor can result in
    you spilling your drinks on your colleagues or even dropping your glass causing it to break
  • Leaning on your colleague
    is not appropriate if you are unable to stand due to excessive alcohol consumption
  • It is inappropriate to
    loose control of our emotions in an intoxicated state and use inappropriate language.

Guideline # 3

Dancefloor etiquettes: 

Please note that while parties are occasions to unwind and enjoy with teams, it is advisable to exercise caution and respect the personal space of other team members.

Which of the following would you say are inappropriate behaviors on the dance floor

  • Dancing very close to a collegue
  • Doing a break dance step
  • Pulling someone by their hand to join you on the dance floor
  • Making inappropriate hand gestures while dancing
  • Making a sexually coloured remark
  • All of the above

Here are a few examples of what is considered inappropriate

A few things to keep in mind

Safety and Wellbeing :

  • If you are drinking alcohol at the party, you are advised to not drive post the party. Please plan your transport back to your residence accordingly to arrive home safely.
  • In case you are feeling concerned about your well-being, or the well-being, safety or behaviour of a colleague, please raise an alert to the Department Head, or the senior most member available at the party.

Steps to follow in case of an incident

In the event of an incident where any inappropriate behaviour was displayed, here are a few things you can do

The case will be taken up as per the Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment. 

  • Any incident pertaining to sexual harassment occurring at the party must be reported to the HOD, EVP Operations, HR Business Partner as soon as possible. In case of a POSH related incident, to make sure there are no rumors spread, avoid discussions regarding the incident on the work floor.
  • Don't try and suppress the incident. If a co-worker approaches you regarding an incident do not discourage them from reporting it. A disciplinary proceeding may also be initiated against anyone found trying to influence or coerce affected parties to suppress or withhold reporting of the incident.

Choose if these statements are true or false

  • If I report an incident that has occurred during the party, I will be reprimanded and dismissed.
  • Any incident that occurs during the party should immediately be reported to the HOD or the HR
  • If my colleague approaches me to report an incident that has happened to her, I should advice her to stay quite and forget about it.
  • My reputation will be tarnished if i report an incident

Quiz Time

Which of the following is an acceptable way to greet a coworker at an office party?

  • Chasing her into a bathroom while shouting “I must and will have you”
  • “Hi, [name]”
  • Wordless grinding

You notice that your coworker appears to be wearing a more close-fitting shirt than usual. Is that:

  • An inside thought
  • A say-out-loud thought

Choose the correct order of operations:

  • Ask ("Would you like to dance?"); if yes, dance
  • Dance; ask (“you like that, don’t you?”)

Please select all the parts of a coworker it is not okay to grab:

  • Their Hand
  • Their clothes
  • Their attention, with a sparkling conversation
  • Their hair

How many drinks should you have

  • As many as you can grab. Because they are free
  • A couple. Remember you are at an office party

Which of these are inappropriate behaviors at an office party

  • Passing sexually coloured remarks
  • Dancing at appropriate distance from your co workers
  • Climbing on top of a table and screeming
  • Smoking in the designated smoking area
  • Pulling someone to the dancefloor
  • Drinking responsibly