Lesson: Vets2PM PMPĀ® Career Transition Program Overview

This lesson covers the PMP® Exam Content Outline (PMPECO), the PMP® application, the PMP® Exam overview, and the structure & resources included in the Vets2PM PMP® Career Transition program. 



This online lesson is a companion to our first class module & covers the PMP® Exam Content Outline (PMPECO), the PMP® application, the PMP® Exam overview, and the structure & resources included in the Vets2PM PMP® Career Transition program. 

The student resources here will help you understand what the PMP Exam will be like, how to complete your PMP application, how to properly prepare for the PMP Exam, and how to leverage all the resources provided to you through Vets2PM.

The Vets2PM PMP Career Transition Program includes 1 year access to the following:

  1. Translation of your military experience to project management hours for the PMP® application
  2. 40-hour PMP Boot Camp taught by Military Veteran expert PMs. Meets PMI's 35 PDU requirement. Attend as many times as you like within 1 year
  3. Companion eLearning accessible 24/7 in our professional Learning Management System (LMS)
  4. 16-Day Targeted Study Plan with links to over 3,000 sample questions online 
  5. Professional resume targeted for PM jobs and lifetime job placement assistance (Resume must be completed within 90 days
  6. Membership to the Project Management Institute (PMI) = $150 exam fee discount/Free PMBOK copy
  7. 4-hour Interview Skills Workshop and 2 telephonic job interview debriefs
  8. An assigned program mentor, if you tell us you want one
  9. Lifetime membership to our LinkedIn Alumni group

Vets2PM provides more than just a training program; we are Military Veteran community of instructors, learners and transitioners here to help & support each other through a successful military transition journey. Please get involved, and let us know how we can provide for your needs by emailing [email protected]


Video: Program Overview


Student Guides

Introduction Slides

1 v2 pm pmp_bc_introduction from Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP


Exam Overview Slides

2 v2 pm pmp_bc_exam overview from Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP


Instructional videos with Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP

Video: PMP Boot Camp Introduction


Video: Exam Overview


Student Resources

Program Syllabus

Vets2PM Course Syllabus from Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP


Points of Contact

Vets2PM Points of Contact
Name Responsibility email



Alicia Dalhouse Organizational Training [email protected] Ext. 1
Tim Dalhouse Curriculum & PMP Questions [email protected] Ext. 2
Dr. Eric Wright

PMP Application

& Business Development

[email protected] Ext. 3
Cathy Miclat Resumes & Placement [email protected] Ext.  4
Kelly Wright Student Services [email protected] Ext. 5
Joey Eisenzimmer Marketing [email protected] Ext. 6
Mike Hoal Mentor Program & Funding Opportunities [email protected] Ext. 7
Evan Morgan PMP Instructor [email protected] NA
Brian Niswander Interview Skills [email protected] NA


Vets2PM PMP Application Manager


Click Here to Access Online and Download

  1. Select "File"
  2. Select "Download As"
  3. Select "Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)"


Real World Project Summaries

Real World Project Summaries from Tim Dalhouse, MBA, PMP


External Links

Free testing site we recommend: www.examcentral.net

Free project documents website we recommend: www.projectmanagementdocs.com

PMP Application page: http://www.pmi.org/certification/project-management-professional-pmp.aspx

PMP Exam Content Outline (PMPECO): http://www.pmi.org/~/media/PDF/Certifications/pmp-certification-exam-outline.ashx

PMP Handbook: http://www.pmi.org/~/media/PDF/Certifications/handbooks/project-management-professional-handbook-pmp.ashx

CAPM Application page: http://www.pmi.org/certification/certified-associate-project-management-capm.aspx

CAPM Exam Content Outline: http://www.pmi.org/~/media/PDF/Certifications/exam-outline/certified-associate-project-management-exam-outline.ashx

CAPM Handbook: http://www.pmi.org/~/media/PDF/Certifications/handbooks/certified-associate-project-management-handbook-capm.ashx


Pre-Class Prep Plan

Prior to the first class scheduled class session, we recommend you do the following:

  1. Take our 25 question PMP Baseline Test. Don't worry if you score poorly; that's why you are taking this course; this is just an inventory test to create awareness for yourself
  2. Update your PMI membership profile (Kelly will send you instructions via email)
  3. Download the PMBOK from the PMI website (Kelly will send you instructions via email)
  4. Read the PMBOK chapters 1-3
  5. Start memorizing Table 3-1 on page 61 of the PMBOK
  6. Start reading the PMBOK Glossary a few pages per day
  7. Prepare any questions you have for the instructor to present in the first class session
  8. Think about your favorite project: One that you worked on and can use as a practice example for translation to PMP hours and lingo during the first class session
  9. Familiarize yourself with the content of the Student Portal
  10. Energize your Positive Mental Attitude to take this hill and kick the PMP Exam's ass!

Please contact Kelly Wright at [email protected] or 1-888-551-4251 Ext. 5 for any questions prior to class.

Post-Course 16-Day Study Plan

Although you shoudn't worry about this study plan until after the course, we thought it would be good to include it here in the Overview lesson, so that you would know what to expect.