Personalized Learning Test

Core Quality Tools

Core Quality Tools

1)      What is the median?

  • a) The most frequent value of a sample
  • b) The middle value in a group of measurements when arranged from lowest to highest
  • c) The weighted average of a log-normal distribution
  • d) The average of all values

2)      Control Charts in finishing are use to _____________.

  • a) Assure the process is centered at set-up and continuously monitored
  • b) Improve the capability of the process
  • c) Use as a criteria to reject parts
  • d) Satisfy Customer Requirements.

3)      Which of the following, by itself, would initiate required actions from the FMEA?

  • a) High overall risk (RPN)
  • b) High occurrence rating
  • c) High severity rating
  • d) High detection rating

4)      The purpose of the analysis of a measurement system should be to better understand the sources of variation due to the following: (choose all that are true)

  • a) Cost overruns (Scrap caused by poor measurements)
  • b) Appraisers (Operator making the measurement)
  • c) Parts (Variation found from part to part)
  • d) Devices (Gauges used to take the measurements)

5)      Which of the following actions is most necessary to achieve statistical stability?

  • a) Create control charts
  • b) Create a process that demonstrates process capability
  • c) Have capable measurement systems
  • d) Ability to identify and eliminate “special cause variation”

6)      Range is defined as: A measure of process spread, the difference between the highest and lowest values in a subgroup, sample or population.

  • Type your statement here...

7)      A Control Plan is a/an: (choose all that are true)

  • a) Document provided by the customer to the supplier when the supplier is not product design responsible
  • b) Living document maintained and used throughout the product life cycle
  • c) Important link in the control of product characteristics including special characteristics
  • d) Historical record filed and only kept to show objective evidence of compliance to ISO/TS 16949
  • e) Document that specifies verification activities required to ensure product conformity to requirements

8)   The FMEA is created at the beginning of a program for PPAP Approval and cannot be updated after start of production.

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9)   If only Common Cause Variation is present, the process output is typically predictable.

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10)   A characteristic to be measured has a nominal specification of 10.0 mm, plus or minus 0.02mms. To be minimally capable, a gauge must be able to discriminate (choose the one best answer) the following:

  • a) 0.001 mm
  • b) 0.1 mm
  • c) 0.02mm
  • d) 0.2 mm