Internet Technology

3.3 Internet Services 

In this subtopic we will learn about types of internet services that exist. 

We will learn the function of that internet services 

We will know how it actually work


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Internet Services

Types Of internet services

Type Of Internet Services 

How many type of Internet Services?

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World Wide Web

  • Consists of a world wide collection of electronic documents.
  • Webpage:
    • each electronic document 
    • can contain text, graphics, animation, audio and video
  •  Web site: A collection of related web pages
  • Web server: A computer that requested web pages to your computer
  • Web 2.0:
    • ​​​​​​​Refer to website that provide means for user to share personal information
    • Allow to modify Web Site content
    • Have application software built into the site for visitor use.



What is Email

  • The transmission  of messages and files via a computer network
  • Consists of simple text or contain attachments, such as documents, graphics or audio
  • Not Real Time - You and other people are not online at the same time
  • An email address is a combination 

Instant Messaging

What Is IM?

  • Real time exchanges of messages, files, audio or vide with another online user.
  • Real Time - You and other people with whom you are conversing are online at the same time
  • Gives notification when one or more people are online
  • Some IM support voice and Video conversation 
  • Usually people need to install IM software on computer or mobile devices.
  • Some popular IM software:
    • Telegram
    • google talk
    • Yahoo! Messenger


Voice Over Internet Protocol

  • llow users to speak to other users over the internet. 
  • Usually we required internet connection, internet telephone service, microphone or telephone and internet telephone software/phone adapter
  • Real time type conversation 
  • Some of examples:
    • Skype
    • Whatsapp
    • WeChat

Message Boards

What are Message Boards?

  • Online area where user have written discussion group does not require a newsreader program 
  • Many web sites use message board because they are easier to use
  • Example of message board usage 

Example of message board usage on the university .


File Transfer Protocol

Method of uploading and downloading files with other computers and internet 


The process of a computer or device receiving information, such as web page, from a server on the internet 


The process of transferring documents, graphics and other objects from your computer to a server on the internet 

  • An FTP Server is a computer that allows user to upload and/or download files using FTP
  • Examples of FTP Programs are:
    • SmarterFTP
    • WS_FTP
    • Filezilla

Question Time

Choose three type of internet services?

  • Social Media
  • World Wide Web
  • Cloud Storage
  • Blog
  • File Transfer Protocol
  • Email

What is FTP?

  • File Timing Program
  • File Translate Program
  • File Transfer Protocol

Example of VoIP?

Difference between email and IM?

  • 1.Real Time
  • 1.Not Real Time
  • 2. Gives Notification
  • 2. Did not give notification