Introduction to Integrations

This course will provide the learner with a brief introduction to HireVue integrations and how they function.

What is an integration?


Simply put, an integration is a way to connect two different systems. At HireVue we typically integrate our system with ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) used by our customers. An ATS allows a company to manage their entire recruiting process in one program. Integrating with HireVue allows a company to create positions in the HireVue system and then to use their ATS to gather and store candidate information through applications, send interview invitations, make job offers, onboard new hires and to source.

How does it work?

Now that you know what an integration is you are probably wondering 'How does it work?' In a nutshell, 

an end-user makes a request for a candidate(s) to complete an interview from their system of record (ATS).  Data is sent from the ATS to HireVue to process the request and generate an invitation to the candidate.  The status of the interview and results are sent back to the candidate’s record in the ATS.


Example time!

Manual Integration:

Olive is the manager at a fine dining establishment and needs to hire a large number of servers. Her company already utilizes an ATS but she would like to give HireVue a try. She is interested in using On Demand interviews to screen candidates after she has reviewed their applications. Olive picks out 50 applications and sends them over to the recruiter, Bosco, who puts all 50 candidates into the HireVue status. This triggers invitation emails to be sent to the candidates to complete their On Demand interview. Once the interviews are completed the information is sent back to the ATS and the recruiter can now disposition the candidates. The interviews of candidates chosen to move forward in the process can now be sent to Olive for review.


Automated Integration:

Mark owns the largest highlighter manufacturing company in the state with 7 plants throughout. With school starting soon he anticipates a rather large increase in the number of markers the company will need to produce and needs to hire 3000 new employees. Mark would like every candidate to complete an On Demand interview with their application and so HireVue is embedded into the screening process. When a candidate completes an application for one of the positions they are automatically invited to complete an interview. All of the interview information is sent back to the candidate files within the ATS and they are automatically moved to the appropriate disposition. 

Review #1

An allows a company to manage the screening process from one system.

Review #2

HireVue integrations are most commonly with an ATS, which stands for 

Review #3

A recruiter at a small company would like to utilize HireVue's On Demand interviews to hire 10 new employees. Please create a scenario detailing the steps to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of integrations.