Navigating The Scene

After this course Shaw employees will be able to use the steps in this demonstration to navigate The Scene App on their mobile devices.

PART 1. The Scene Video Demonstration: CLICK START TO BEGIN. The video will open in a separate window. After the video is complete return to this window. Next hit the "Home" button and proceed to PART 2.

Click the "THE SCENE" below to watch the demonstration.

PART 2. Knowledge Check: A quick 2 minute quiz! CLICK START TO BEGIN.

What icon is used to represent The Scene in App Store and Google Play?

Which of the following tabs are NOT on the Scene homepage?

  • Profile, Search, Highlights
  • My Feed, Explore, Highlights

Congratulations! You have completed this course.  You can view your score in the top left corner. Remember to LIKE SHARE and ENJOY The Scene.