Data Governance - The Cornerstone to Successful Analytics

Importance of Data Governance

One of the key cornerstone to successful analytics is the availability of accurate and timely data. In this section, we explore the meaning and the importance of data governance.


Quick Tips to Spotfire

Quick Tips #3 - Navigating the menu bars

In the latest edition of Spotfire, we are now provided with more charts and dashboard such as "Headcount Walk" and "Time in Role".

With more and more charts filling up the menu bar on the top, we might find it difficult to navigate forward and backwards to the analysis we want. There's a subtle way of navigating through all the analysis within Spotfire. Take a look at the following video to find out how:


New Features on Spotfire

New Features coming up on Spotfire

The team behind Spotfire have been working hard behind the scenes in bringing you new features around Spotfire. Here are some of the new enhancements that you can look forward to:

1. Segmentation by Market Clusters

One of the most eagerly awaited enhancements for Spotfire is the ability to perform segmentation based on market clusters such as Growth, Emerging and Lead Market. Similar to all other filters, it is available in all the charts within Spotfire.

This feature has now been added onto Spotfire:

2. Headcount Walk

There are a couple of new analysis being provided in the latest Spotfire release. "Headcount Walk" provides the final end state of our "Total Ins" v "Total Outs" over a period of time.

Like in the example above, between the period of Jan 2015 to Jul 2016, the overall headcount have increased 13.67% factoring in the associates who had left us.

Scrolling down from the high level overview, the dashboard also provides us with a breakdown of the numbers in the various regions and reasons (hires/acquisitions, voluntary/involuntary attrition).

3. Time in Role

The "Time in Role" analysis provides a view of the distributions of the associates in the various time segments of their Nielsen career. 

This analysis is important for us to understand the segmentation of our associates so that we can target our approach in engaging them differently. 

The top half of the analysis gives you the percentage breakdown of the distribution based on the different time in role buckets. The bottom half of the analysis gives you the actual breakdown of the numbers.