Module 8: Understanding the toddler "experts"

In this module you will do your own research using books and the internet to find out what advice and guidance is available to parents from toddler "experts" and toddler "programmes". It is essential that as a consultant in the areas of toddler development, behaviour, eating and sleep that you understand what parents that come to you may have been told or may have read. Each of the programmes and experts are likely to have specific and known methods that they use, all of which you need to be familiar with and need to have considered how they relate to the knowledge you now have of brain development and normal toddler behaviour. You may confer on the trainees Facebook group and share information sources with your fellow trainees there.

Understanding parenting experts

Completing the "experts" coursework

Completing the "experts" coursework

This is a short module in terms of what you need to do within this system (easy generator) but does require quite a bit of self-directed learning. We want you to go through the process of finding the information and strategies from people and organisations that consider themselves "experts" on toddlers. 

It is important for you to understand the information and strategies offered by others because, as consultants, you will be expected to know what others do. You also need to be able to deconstruct the positives and negatives about their offerings to parents.

Furthermore, it is important to us that you understand what it is like as a parent to uncover information from these people, so that you have empathy with parents on the journey they may have been on to get to us.

You are therefore required to complete the following two grids; one relates to individual experts and the other to organisations. In order to complete the grids, you will need to search the internet, borrow books from a library and ask friends and others on social media to gain a full understanding and coordinate the information with what you have learned about toddler neuropsychology.

Please download the first grid below and the second in the following section and send them once completed to [email protected]

Understanding other parenting programmes

Completing the "programmes" coursework

Completing the "toddler programmes" coursework

The instructions for this grid are the same as the previous one. Please download the grid and send it once completed to [email protected]