Flexibility in the Work Place

Are you stuck in a rut? Lacking motivation to change your pace?  Then the following course is meant for you.  University of Aggeneys is presenting 'Flexibility in the work place' for those of you who need to become more employable and therefore benefit both on the work front but also financially. So be flexible ... be productive.. and join us from 1 August 2017 for a mere two weeks and enjoy the experience of interacting with fellows

Demonstrate flexibility in choices researched

With what is the term 'flexibility' often associated?

Flexibility in the Workplace

The term ‘flexibility’ is often associated with one being able to change or bend one’s stature. It can be of great benefit to oneself and the business when one is ‘bendable’ and willing to change, and not rigid robots that perform their daily activities as if in rote.  It not only benefits the individual and company, but also the client. The ‘When?’, ‘Where?’ and ‘How?’ now becomes a discussion about the date, venue and what arrangements need to be made. This will not result in long and drawn out arguments (which is a lose to the business in not only time, but also in money) but also in unhappy clients.

Why is it important that we change?

Imagine a world that has stagnated and not changed for the last fifty or so years.  Every event planned and executed in the same way.  ‘BORING!’ comes to mind.  As the world changes, our daily lives, and so too our work space changes.  This has a definite affect on the economy and on how business is conducted.  One’s clients are thus also affected.  If one would like to offer one’s clients an option and meet their specific needs, one must be ready to change or one could just be left behind and cease to plan another event …ever!

Being a flexible event planner or a flexible anything may be of benefit to oneself as one becomes more employable.  Businesses and companies are always on the lookout for employees who can adapt to change and who are flexible in the way they work.

So the moral of the story:  Be flexible ... Be productive.

  • It can be associated with how much you bully your colleagues.
  • It is associated with being open to change.
  • It can be associated with muscle strength needed to perform your tasks at work.