National Symbols of India

Based on your reading of the chapter on National Symbols of India and our accompanying notes , answer the following questions . These have been designed in a way to enhance your memory of the data immensely . So, keep coming back to answering these questions as many times as you can . 

Question Bank on Chapter 2

Which of the following about our national symbols is NOT correct ?

  • National Animal - Royal bengal Tiger
  • National Aquatic Animal - River Dolphin
  • National Tree - Indian Banyan
  • National Flower - Rose

Which of the following is/are correct ?

  • National Fruit - Mango
  • National River - Ganga
  • National Language - Hindi
  • National Flower - Lotus

Which of the following is our state emblem ?

fill in the blanks

National song of India is 

Mark which of the following are true or false about the ashok chakra .

  • Colour of the Ashok Chakra on national flag is navy blue
  • Ashok Chakra has 21 spokes
  • Its design is as on the abacus of sarnath tiger capital of Ashoka

The Hotspot Questions

Click on the names of the two biggest states of India area wise

Click on the colour that represents fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land.

Drop these text at the specific location where they belong on the state emblem ?

  • Horse
  • Bull
  • Ashok Chakra
  • Truth Only Triumphs

Click the colour that represents peace and truth

More interactive questions

Match the two columns by dragging

  • National Anthem first sung on
    Kolkata session of INC 27 Dec 1911
  • Jana Gana Mana was adopted as national anthem on
    24 Jan 1950
  • National Song was first sung
    1896 session of INC
  • National calendar was adopted from
    22 march 1957

Click the colour that represents the strength and courage of the country