grammar check

In this test you can find out which chapters of the English grammar are still a problem for you.


nouns and articles

1 She has two young  so she's always tired!

2 The police  questions about the bank robbery.

3 Do you have suitable  for this job?

4 Excuse me. Is there  near here?

5 There was an interesting  on the radio this morning.

6 The artist has  name.

7 Living in  city can be expensive.

8 My parents don't like travelling on  .

between Lisbon and Madrid is very slow.

10 Please call me back.   is 090744454.

11 Isn't your cousin  ?

12 The judge sent the murderer to  for thirty years.

13 The Paralympics are special Olympic games for  .

14   usually take their holidays in August.

15 I go to the dentist  .

16 They have a lovely house near Malaga. It's just on .

17 Caroline's studying law at  University.

18 I'm going to take a photo of  mountains over there.

19 What was the name of  hotel we stayed at last year?

20 'Hello. Can I speak to Mrs Gupta?'   -   'Mrs Gupta. How can I help you?'

A It is                           B This is                      C That is

possessives, pronouns and quantifiers

1 Have you seen  motorbike? It's really powerful.

2 We're going to stay with  when we're in Madrid.

3 Jules has painted the  a dreadful shade of pink.

4 I fell when I was running for the bus and twisted  ankle really badly.

5 I didn't know that Katherine was a colleague of  !

6 'Green or black olives?' 'Oh, black. I really don't like the  !'

7 That was a really good game. Do you want to play  ?

8 'Did you get decorators to paint your lounge?' 'No, we did it  .'

9 Sally had been working very hard and she decided to give  a break.

10 Our two children walk to school together, so they can look after  .

11 Have you heard that  are going to close the hospital?

12 'Which type of envelope do you want?'   -   '  envelope is fine; it's only to post a bill.'

13 I can't believe it - the supermarket had  fish again today!

14 Jez's party was boring. I didn't meet  I knew there.

15 You missed  really interesting on the news earlier today.

16 You can tell me your secret. I promise I won't tell  .

17 The problem with kids today is that they have  free time.

18 1 don't think we should employ Mr Frank - he's got  experience.

19 'Do you prefer Picasso or Dali?; 'Frankly, I don't like  of them!'

20 I don't know which of the two cars to choose;  of them have good features.

A each                         B both                                     C every


1 You can apply for a loan by  the number below or in person at one of our branches.

2 It was pouring with rain outside so I had to wait for Joe  the theatre.

3 Don't put things  the microwave when it's on as it gets very hot.

4 It's impossible to find anything  all these books and papers!

5 Come down  that wall immediately! It's too high to play on.

6 There are lots of really lovely walks  the River Thames.

7 We flew  the Rhine on the way to Berlin - it was really beautiful.

8 Don't shout  me! I hate it when you lose your temper.

9 I prefer not to go to meetings  Friday afternoons.

10 I still haven't heard anything from the interview I had  Monday.

11 The hotel is closed for repairs  the end of February.

12 I sometimes fall asleep  his lectures - they're so boring!

13 Please don't cut your potatoes  a knife - it's considered rude here.

14 I love your perfume - it really smells  roses.

15 'Have you got enough cash?' 'No, I'll pay  credit card.'

16 I like all flavours of ice cream  for strawberry.

17 Stay where you are. I'll come  and pick you up immediately.

18 It will take about three hours to do this work, at  .

19 The film is good but there's a lot of violence  the end.

20 The plane was due to arrive at 5.15 and it landed right  time.

adjectives and adverbs

1 Do you think this is ?

2 Dave's wearing a  striped shirt today.

3 I can't wait for my next holiday. I'm really  about it!

4 Elizabeth has a  daughter.

5 I love detective novels. I think they are  interesting.

6 It was  experience.

7 My exam results were  I expected.

8 We can run faster than .

9 Which is the most comfortable  the seats?

10 Motorbikes aren't as  cars.

11 Tania's mobile phone is  mine.

12 My sister is  tallest students in her year.

13 My grandfather walks  because he's quite old.

14 I don't like the sea because I can't swim .

15 I don't like fish but I like !

16 I  football matches on TV.

17 Elena gave a wonderful performance of the concerto; she .

18 Do you know why the repair man ?

19 Dexter jumped  in the long jump competition.

20 People travel  than they used to.

simple present  & present progressive

1 The meals here  very expensive.

I invited to Jim's party?

3 The shoe shop  the shoes I saw last week.

4 I'm exhausted. I'm going to  a sleep for half an hour.

5 Don't bother to invite Gerry - he  musicals!

6 I really like Leona Lewis - she  so well.

7 Most children..........enough green vegetables.

A eatn't                       B don't eat                              C not eat

8 We don't need to rush - this bus..........late!

A is always                  B always is                              C always

9 I..........on a colour printer, but mine is broken at the moment.

A am usually print      B print usually                        C usually print

10 ..........on the report for Grant Brothers at the moment?

A Are you work           B You work                             C Are you working

11 'Is Alana coming this evening?' 'No, home with the kids.'

A staying                     B stays                                    C is staying

12 Let's put the heating on. The nights..........colder now.

A are getting               B get                                       C is getting

13 Can you tell the children to be quiet? They..........!

A argue always           B are always arguing              C always argue

14 In this picture, the woman..........a car that's broken down.

A is repairing              B is repair                               C repairs

15 A student teacher..........our class while Ms Bennett has her baby.

A takes                        B does take                             C is taking

16 What..........when you're in bed at night?

A you usually read      B do you usually read             C are you usually reading

17 The film..........with a car crash, and then ...

A is open                     B opens                                   C is opening

18 Older people..........more help from the government this year.

A get                           B are get                                 C are getting

19 'Is this the soup for the dinner party tonight? Mmm, it..........delicious!'

A tastes                       B is tasting                              C is tasty

20 ..........the date of Dan's wedding anniversary? I've forgotten it.

A Do you remember   B Are you remembering         C You remember


simple past - past progressive - past perfect - past perfect progressive

1 After years as a classroom assistant, Alicia finally  a teacher.

2 '1 know about the timetable changes.' 'Oh, when  you?'

3 Our friends were  in France at the time of the floods.

4 Pablo and Pilar  at the same hotel as us.

5 Lucy called us with the news when we  dinner.

6 Although Sam spent four years studying maths, he  it very well.

7 My boss  to shout while we were discussing the sales figures.

8 We were at school together - Harry  to play the piano while I was learning to sing.

9 Jeff was working for a medical company  he finished his PhD.

10 Meredith  fluent Russian but she doesn't any more.

11 I recognise you -  to go to Kingston Girls' School?

12 My mother's hair is grey now but she  have beautiful red hair.

13 When I lived in Bilbao, I  the Guggenheim Museum several times.

14 Hilary  as a doctor in Bangladesh for eighteen months.

15 Sony offered Neela a job before she  her degree.

16 I had breakfast quite early, then 1  to the bus stop and caught the bus.

17 We missed part of the concert because it  when we got to the hall.

18 Tony  in China for long before the earthquake happened.

19 We  all the museums in the town by the end of the tour.

20 Sorry I shouted at you. I was annoyed because I  computer problems all morning.

present perfect & present perfect progressive

1 Have you  the Egyptian pyramids?

2 Gerald  to Italy. He gets back next week.

3 Has your sister  an Italian car?

4 Have you ?

5 I'm going to be late for the meeting. My car .

6 I don't know if I've passed the exam. I haven't had my result .

7 That house  for more than two years. I wish somebody would buy it!

8 My cousin Claire  a doctor for five years now.

9 I think that was the best film .

10 Sandy's been to the opera .

11 Marcia had a great career as a dancer. She  at the ballet company for twenty years.

12 I  the engineering course two weeks ago.

13 Teresa is exhausted. She  since eight this morning.

14 I haven't seen you for ages. What ?

15 'Why are you so hot?' T  at the gym.'

16 David loves San Francisco. He  there for the last six months.

17 You can collect your glasses now. The optician  them.

18 Why didn't you answer the phone earlier? I  you five times today.

19 We're old friends. I  her since I was a small child.

20  in a big city?


1 I can't see you tomorrow afternoon. I  a check-up at the dentist's.

2 The train's very late. I  my appointment.

3 Don't worry, the copier always makes that noise. It  in a minute.

4 I  that job - the pay isn't good enough.

5 I fancy a snack. I think  myself a sandwich.

6 It's rather cold in here.  turn on the heating?

7 Come to the back door at 7.35 exactly  for you.

8 I'm afraid we can't tell you anything yet. The board of directors  an official announcement tomorrow.

9 Excuse me, Prime Minister.  a statement about the crisis this evening?

10 By the end of August  on the new bridge for over eighteen months.

11 You can come round at six.  by then.

12 You won't have to wait for long. They  it within the next few minutes.

13 According to the website there are three flights tomorrow. The earliest  at 7.30 a.m.

14 Jack sent me an email. I'm afraid he  on Saturday.

15 I  you as soon as I hear any news.

16 Don't open your presents until we  there.

17 They  going to build flats here but the builder went out of business.

18 As a condition of this contract you  report a lost or stolen card within twenty-four hours.

19 Hurry up! They  the doors.

20 I  the accounts to be ready by Friday at the latest.

modal verbs

1 I'd like to  sing well.

2 We ran out of milk last night but I  buy some at the corner shop.

3 The buses  get very crowded before they built the new Underground.

4 It took us a long time, but eventually we managed  a refund.

5 This  be your book. It's got your name on it.

6 It's quite a popular course. There  be any places left on it.

7 The heating's been on all day so there  plenty of hot water for your bath.

8 Everything's soaking wet. It  have rained very heavily last night.

9 I  to football practice yesterday but I had a bit of a stomachache.

10 It's eight o'clock. We  leave now.

11 When we arrived at the gate, we  show our passports.

12 You  take any of the confidential files home. It's against company rules.

13 I'm really putting on weight. I  some exercise.

14 I  my car so I left it at home and came on the bus.

15 That cut looks bad. We  phone for an ambulance.

16 I'm really sorry. 1  said all those terrible things about you.

17 'Excuse me. May I take a photograph?' 'No, I'm afraid you .'

18 Our teacher was sick, so we  leave school early yesterday.

19 One more thing, madam.  you confirm your date of birth?

20 'I'm starving!' 'OK. I  you something from the fridge.'

A 'm getting                B 'll get                                    C get


1 I don't know what's wrong with this computer. If I press F1, it alwaysdown.

2 Mr Grainger arrives while I'm at lunch, please ask him to wait in my office.

3 If it's raining when you arriveto the station and pick you up.

4 I won't accept the jobthey offer me more money than I'm earning now.

5 The manager won't give Kevin his job backhe gets on his knees and begs!

6 He would certainly buy a better car if heenough money.

7 Imagine youhave a superpower, which one would you choose?

8 If IGeraldine, I'd definitely tell her son to leave home.

9 Where would you go if youa holiday next year?

10 The governmentlost the election if they hadn't put taxes up.

11 If youthis question correctly, you would have passed the exam.

12 I'm not sure, but Heidehere for the summer if we'd invited her.

13 If youat your boss that day, you'd probably still have the job now!

14 Anne would have made more friends in the village if sheso shy.

15 Wein Greece now if the travel company hadn't gone out of business.

16 I'd really like to talk to Jim again. If only Ihis phone number!

17 I'm worried about Robert - I wish heus where he goes in the evenings.

18 I'm sorry we offended you. We wish wesuch awful things.

19 Come on. It's timethe plane now.

20 We don't like those friends you hang around with. We'd ratherwith them again.

A you didn't go out                 B you don't go out      C you not go out


word order & sentence patterns


1 our friends at the pizzeria last night.

2 Have you had a hard week? Youthis evening.

3 The recent conflict hasof the problems in the country.

4 The manager promiseda pay raise if we worked extra hours for a while.

5 Can you throw? I'll get the things from the boot.

6 Luciano was studying

7 The circus was pretty good. a clown, an acrobat and some jugglers.

8 The ground here is very dry. hasn't rained much at all recently.

9 I've heard a lot about you. It's a real pleasureyou at last.

10 'Has the film started yet?' 'Yes,

11 'Do you think we should take umbrellas with us tomorrow?' 'Yes,

12 I wasn't able to give your note to the lecturer.' 'Why? to the lecture?'

13 We haven't seen your son for ages. is he living now?

14 I know Henry's got two brothers. married the soap opera star?

15 'I'm afraid I told someone about your wedding.' 'Oh dear. Who?'

16 When you visited Stockholm, where did you?

17 'We're flying to London next weekend.' 'OK. Which airport will you?'

18 'How far is your new apartment from the sports centre?' 'Oh, only about

19 'What was Dave's cousin from South Africa like? '' '.

20 I've never seen that car in the car park beforeis it?

gerund & infinitive


1 We had to put offon the cruise until next year.

2 Do you mindhere? It's a non-smoking office.

3 Can you imagineyour university degree before you're fifteen?

4 is a cheap and easy way to relax - and catch your own food!

5 You shouldconfirmation of your booking within three working days.

6 The children decidedtheir holidays with us last year.

7 We don't expectfor very long before we hear about the job.

8 Stop worrying about the promotion. You really deserveit.

9 Wouldn't you just hatein a factory?

10 We will do all we can to help youan unforgettable experience.

11 Angelina begged her friendsto the party without her.

12 You don't have to remindall the time - I am eighteen now!

13 We advisethrough the starter book before the course begins.

14 We do not recommendonly the minimum amount off your credit card

each month.

15 Slaves were madefor hours without rest and without food or drink.

16 Do you rememberto that concert in Hyde Park when we were teenagers?

17 Many people regretthe opportunity to go to university.

18 We saw the planeout of the sky - it was really terrifying.

19 I couldn't watch the animalseach other. I turned off halfway through.

20 If you can't helpunhelpful comments, then please don't say anything.

eported speech

1 Maria said last Saturday that sheher mother in hospital the day before.

2 Mike said yesterday that heus as soon as he had any news.

3 The doctor told me that Idrink less coffee.

4 Jenna said the other day that sheto your party this evening.

5 'Are you and I both in the team for Saturday?' 'Yes, Lewis said he'd selected both of'

6 When 1 called the cinema the other day, they said all the tickets had sold out

7 The receptionist asked us ifupgrade to a better room.

8 My mum wanted to know which restaurantgo to for Sunday lunch.

9 I asked that man where, but he doesn't know the city.

10 Your sister wants to know whereher football boots.

11 Salima asked us whyto the club recently

12 The general ordered his soldiers

13 'Will you stay for supper?' -» She askedfor supper.

14 There are signs warningthe city centre this weekend.

15 The shop assistant advisedthe following day.

16 The presenter toldthe show was over.

17 The woman at the frontwe could use the back entrance.

18 The gym instructor suggested thatdo forty minutes a day at first.

19 The managing director thanked all his staffhim during the crisis.

20 I was very tired when I got home, so Pete offereddinner.


1 She's the film starhusband is a famous writer.

2 Who is the plumberyour leaking tap?

3 We always go to the shophas the lowest prices.

4 Clive is the manmy cousin Lucy.

5 That's the hotel where we used to 

6 The airline displayed their new uniformat the press conference.

7 His first novel, was made into a film, was written in 1936.

8 I haven't had a single job offer, is very disappointing.

9 I've been visiting all the placesin the guidebook.

10 There are no theatres in the town 

11 David was the first personto me when I arrived.

12 in 1980, this photo shows the Prime Minister at university.

13 There was a strange manin the doorway.

14 What's the name of the actorJames Bond in this film?

15 It's importantanyone your PIN number.

16 Patrick was the only student100% in the test.

17 Marion moved housenearer to her elderly parents.

18 they said to me was really surprising.

19 Why don't you show meyou bought today?

20 These days I readthan I used to.

linking words

1 we know the owner of the shop, we always get a good price.

2 the house is old, it can get very cold in winter.

3 We got up earlybe on time for the flight.

4 We took an umbrellawe wouldn't get wet if it rained.

5 There was a bus strike yesterday. most of my colleagues walked to work.

6 It wasI recorded it onto a DVD.

7 It's too coldto the park today.

8 The weather wasn'ther to sunbathe.

9 and her sister sing in the local choir.

10 Not onlya new sports car, but he also bought a speedboat.

11 Alan goes jogging every morning as well asto the gym regularly.

12 I don't wear glasses and neither

13 the hotel was comfortable, it was rather a long way from the beach.

14 We got home in time even though

15 The singer performed well despitea sore throat.

16 The garden is rather small.  they manage to grow quite a lot of vegetables.

17 I saw my old school teacherI was in Rome.

18 I got into bed, I turned off the light and fell asleep.

19 Afterthe back door, I went upstairs to my bedroom.

20 In the morning we went down to the beach.   at the beach cafe.


the passive

1 Sorry. Your clothesyet.

2 Film stars love.

3 in the 1960s?

4 What happened? hurt?

5 The novel was

6 The experimentunder strict medical supervision.

7 Thanks for the medicine. before or after meals?

8 This heaterin a bathroom.

9 David

10 I'm not surprised your camera isn't working. Itout in the rain!

11 Rome is often

12 Mrs Osbourneonce a month.

13 Iserviced next week.

14 Don't worry, sir. Iyou the contract this afternoon.

15 Those curtains are very dirty. They really need

16 The paintingworth at least fifty million dollars.

17 The ancient Romanscentral heating.

18 We were expectedthe match against the army team.

19 You can't park there. Youat the side of the building.

20 Where's the report? It was supposedby this morning

collocations - phrasal verbs - confusing words

1 We were late at the bus station so wethe bus.

2 It's difficult to make friendspeople in a large city.

3 There's a lot ofindustry on the outskirts of the town.

4 You know, you can be really meanthe children sometimes.

5 Dr Mackenzie has a really good relationshiphis patients.

6 They said at the interview that they would phonewithin a week.

7 The government did not providefood or clothing.

8 Have you got the car keys? Can you throw them?

9 That was dreadful! I thought I'd never!

10 Gerry's at home with the children while his wife's in hospital. He caresvery well.

11 We watched as the plane took

12 The cat's been in all day. Can younow?

13 I know I've had to take a lot of time off work recently but I will

14 I'm really looking forwardat the weekend.

15 The Ministera promise at the last election, so the government has to keep it,

16 Mr Davis, Ia message for you earlier from Mr Lewis.

17 Your father's in the garden, can youthis sandwich to him?

18 The window's open.' 'I know. it open - it's too hot in here.'

19 I'd like to return this book because some of the pages are

20 You'll like Jane's cousin - he's very witty and

word formation

1 Everyone is always searching for 

2 Our company has over five thousand 

3 The Prime Minister was on TV last night - theasked her some difficult questions!

4 Although Jana is Norwegian, she speaks fluent 

5 What's thebetween iron and steel?

6 What's thebetween Paris and Berlin?

7 Have you seen Sarah's little girl? She's very 

8 I don't remember the make of the car but it was acolour.

9 In this country it'sto drive without a proper licence.

10 Don't give the keys to Dennis, he's too

11 Selma's a surgeon. Shein heart operations.

12 Tothe alarm, press the red button.

13 Since Lucythe files, I haven't been able to find anything!

14 You're wrong. I completelywith you.

15 The baby's getting so big - she'smost of her clothes.

16 How much money have you got in your?

17 I've just bought a pair of expensive designer

18 It's based on a book by aauthor.

19 Actors have to be very

20 It was aflight so I'm feeling quite tired now.

formal and written English

1 I'm afraid I don't like popularmusic.

2 I bought..........bought an MP3 player

3 Elizabeth Iwas one of England's greatest rulers.

4 She gave me a present and I openedimmediately.

5 My husband likes the same bands as I

6 She asked me to go to the cinema but I didn't want

7 The flights were expensive. decided not to go.

8 The solicitor claimed Mr Grant had been unaware of the decision.

is proof that he had received the relevant letter several weeks earlier.

9 the singer was disappointing.

10 produced all the Beatles' albums.

11 Not onlyshe also composes most of the songs.

12 I didn't get a pay rise this year and neithermy colleagues.

13 Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the biggest-selling singles of all time. .

14 My sister went on holiday to Casablanca in January, but

15 The fans began to scream and shout. was becoming difficult.

16 Alex bought an old farmhouse in Romania. was quite complicated.

17 Ladies and gentlemen. will be delayed due to airport congestion.

18 Prime Minister. us more about your tax proposals?

19 Hi, Mum. How was the job interview? Is thegood?

20 Continued poor performance will result in theof your employment.

spoken English

1 The rubbish collectors aren't coming this Monday, ?

2 Let's just try one more shop, then go home, ?

3 Pay for the coffees while I go to the toilet, ?

4 There's no reason to worry about this interview, ?

5 'Ross wants to come with us tomorrow.'' -  ? That's fine.'

6 I'm not sure whetherdinner this evening.

7 Don't ask Gerald to help you - he doesn't even know what time!

8 'We don't think a holiday together is a good idea.' - ' , really.'

9 'Elena wants to have the meeting after work.' 'Jane , so let's do that.'

10 'Let's leave now. I'm exhausted.' - ' ! Just one more dance, please.'

11 'Can I try the advanced class, then?' - 'OK, I '

12 'We can't go into the school during the holiday.' - ' ! How are we supposed to get all our preparation done?'

13 'Shall we get a red tablecloth?' - ' , I prefer white.'

14 So, that's today's session finished. , what time are you coming on Wednesday?

15 'You completely forgot to tell me about the meeting!' - 'I you!'

16 The builder wants £100 an hour.' 'But that'sridiculous!'

17 'Bob has cancelled the order for the music system.' 'Whyhas he done that?'

18 Have you seen the new magazine, , the one with Orlando Bloom on the cover?

19 What's this? Is it a kind of sugar?

20 Is that all clear then? , let's move on to the next topic.