grammar check

In this test you can find out which chapters of the English grammar are still a problem for you.


nouns and articles

1 She has two young 

so she's always tired!

2 The police 

are askingis askingasks
questions about the bank robbery.

3 Do you have suitable 

experiencespiece of experienceexperience
for this job?

4 Excuse me. Is there 

some art galleryan art galleryart gallery
near here?

5 There was an interesting 

newsitem of newsone news
on the radio this morning.

6 The artist has 

unusuala unusualan unusual

7 Living in 

an Europeana EuropeanEuropean
city can be expensive.

8 My parents don't like travelling on 


TrainA TrainThe train
between Lisbon and Madrid is very slow.

10 Please call me back.

The numberA numbernUMBER
  is 090744454.

11 Isn't your cousin 

the musiciana musicianmusician

12 The judge sent the murderer to 

prisona prisonthe prison
for thirty years.

13 The Paralympics are special Olympic games for 

some disabledthe disableddisabled


FrenchA FrenchThe French
usually take their holidays in August.

15 I go to the dentist 

twice a yeartwice the xeartwice in year

16 They have a lovely house near Malaga. It's just on

the coastcoasta coast

17 Caroline's studying law at 

the Harvarda HarvardHarvard

18 I'm going to take a photo of 

mountains over there.

19 What was the name of 

hotel we stayed at last year?

20 'Hello. Can I speak to Mrs Gupta?'   -   '

It isThis isThat is
Mrs Gupta. How can I help you?'

A It is                           B This is                      C That is

possessives, pronouns and quantifiers

1 Have you seen 

Jane's brotherJane brother'sJane's brother's
motorbike? It's really powerful.

2 We're going to stay with 

Kevin's cousinthe cousin of KevinKevin cousin
when we're in Madrid.

3 Jules has painted the 

bedroom's wallsbedroom wallswall bedrooms
a dreadful shade of pink.

4 I fell when I was running for the bus and twisted 

ankle really badly.

5 I didn't know that Katherine was a colleague of 


6 'Green or black olives?' 'Oh, black. I really don't like the 

green onesgreen onegreens

7 That was a really good game. Do you want to play 

one otherthe otheranother one

8 'Did you get decorators to paint your lounge?' 'No, we did it 

ourselvesby our ownourself

9 Sally had been working very hard and she decided to give 

a break.

10 Our two children walk to school together, so they can look after 

themselvesone anotheranother one

11 Have you heard that 

are going to close the hospital?

12 'Which type of envelope do you want?'   -   ' 

SomeNo typeAny
envelope is fine; it's only to post a bill.'

13 I can't believe it - the supermarket had 

fish again today!

14 Jez's party was boring. I didn't meet 

anyoneno onesomeone
I knew there.

15 You missed 

really interesting on the news earlier today.

16 You can tell me your secret. I promise I won't tell 

someone elseanyone elseno one else

17 The problem with kids today is that they have 

too muchtoo manyenough
free time.

18 1 don't think we should employ Mr Frank - he's got 

a littlevery littlevery few

19 'Do you prefer Picasso or Dali?; 'Frankly, I don't like 

of them!'

20 I don't know which of the two cars to choose; 

of them have good features.

A each                         B both                                     C every


1 You can apply for a loan by 

the number below or in person at one of our branches.

2 It was pouring with rain outside so I had to wait for Joe 

the theatre.

3 Don't put things 

aboveon top ofover
the microwave when it's on as it gets very hot.

4 It's impossible to find anything 

all these books and papers!

5 Come down 

out ofoffoff of
that wall immediately! It's too high to play on.

6 There are lots of really lovely walks 

the River Thames.

7 We flew 

the Rhine on the way to Berlin - it was really beautiful.

8 Don't shout 

me! I hate it when you lose your temper.

9 I prefer not to go to meetings 

Friday afternoons.

10 I still haven't heard anything from the interview I had 

at laston lastlast

11 The hotel is closed for repairs 

the end of February.

12 I sometimes fall asleep 

his lectures - they're so boring!

13 Please don't cut your potatoes 

a knife - it's considered rude here.

14 I love your perfume - it really smells 


15 'Have you got enough cash?' 'No, I'll pay 

credit card.'

16 I like all flavours of ice cream 

for strawberry.

17 Stay where you are. I'll come 

thereto thereat there
and pick you up immediately.

18 It will take about three hours to do this work, at 

lastleastthe latest

19 The film is good but there's a lot of violence 

the end.

20 The plane was due to arrive at 5.15 and it landed right 


adjectives and adverbs

1 Do you think this is

an exercise difficulta difficult exercisedifficult an exercise

2 Dave's wearing a 

blue and whiteblue-whiteblue white
striped shirt today.

3 I can't wait for my next holiday. I'm really 

about it!

4 Elizabeth has a 

young beautifulbeautiful youngyoung beautifully

5 I love detective novels. I think they are 

a bitslightlyreally

6 It was 

quite a frighteningquite frighteninga frightening quite

7 My exam results were 

good asmore good thnbetter than
I expected.

8 We can run faster than


9 Which is the most comfortable 

the seats?

10 Motorbikes aren't as 

more expensive asexpensive asexpensive than

11 Tania's mobile phone is 

the same asthe same likethe same with

12 My sister is 

as one of thethe one ofone of the
tallest students in her year.

13 My grandfather walks 

slowby slowestslowly
because he's quite old.

14 I don't like the sea because I can't swim


15 I don't like fish but I like

steak a lota lot steaka steak lot

16 I 

watch hardly everhardly watch everhardly ever watch
football matches on TV.

17 Elena gave a wonderful performance of the concerto; she

played it perfectlyplayed perfectly itperfectly played it

18 Do you know why the repair man

yesterday didn't comedidn't yesterday comedidn't come yesterday

19 Dexter jumped 

most farmost furtherthe furthest
in the long jump competition.

20 People travel 

far more oftenfar oftenmore far often
than they used to.

simple present  & present progressive

1 The meals here 

isn'taren'tnot are
very expensive.

I invited to Jim's party?

3 The shoe shop 

doesn't have gothasn't gotdoesn't got
the shoes I saw last week.

4 I'm exhausted. I'm going to 

havebehave got
a sleep for half an hour.

5 Don't bother to invite Gerry - he 

doesn' likedoesn't likesisn't like

6 I really like Leona Lewis - she 

singis singsings
so well.

7 Most children..........enough green vegetables.

A eatn't                       B don't eat                              C not eat

8 We don't need to rush - this bus..........late!

A is always                  B always is                              C always

9 I..........on a colour printer, but mine is broken at the moment.

A am usually print      B print usually                        C usually print

10 ..........on the report for Grant Brothers at the moment?

A Are you work           B You work                             C Are you working

11 'Is Alana coming this evening?' 'No, home with the kids.'

A staying                     B stays                                    C is staying

12 Let's put the heating on. The nights..........colder now.

A are getting               B get                                       C is getting

13 Can you tell the children to be quiet? They..........!

A argue always           B are always arguing              C always argue

14 In this picture, the woman..........a car that's broken down.

A is repairing              B is repair                               C repairs

15 A student teacher..........our class while Ms Bennett has her baby.

A takes                        B does take                             C is taking

16 What..........when you're in bed at night?

A you usually read      B do you usually read             C are you usually reading

17 The film..........with a car crash, and then ...

A is open                     B opens                                   C is opening

18 Older people..........more help from the government this year.

A get                           B are get                                 C are getting

19 'Is this the soup for the dinner party tonight? Mmm, it..........delicious!'

A tastes                       B is tasting                              C is tasty

20 ..........the date of Dan's wedding anniversary? I've forgotten it.

A Do you remember   B Are you remembering         C You remember


simple past - past progressive - past perfect - past perfect progressive

present perfect & present perfect progressive


modal verbs



word order & sentence patterns

gerund & infinitive

eported speech


linking words


the passive

collocations - phrasal verbs - confusing words

word formation

formal and written English

spoken English