Safety on Instagram

This course will contain the steps to take in order to remain safe online while using Instagram



Instagram Safety

It is important to remain safe on Instagram to protect yourself from being bullied, to protect your privacy and to stop strangers from finding out your most popular locations.

Introduction to the course 

Welcome to this eLearning module eLearning course you will learn create an Instagram account and use it safely by applying all privacy settings that you feel suit you.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

The Learning Objectives Of this course 

  1. Learners will create an account.
  2. Learners will change the account to be private.
  3. Learners will identify where location servicers are on the application.
  4. Learners will demonstrate deleting comments and blocking accounts.

Creating an account

Creating an Account

Account Creation

In order to use Instagram you must first create an account for yourself. 


  1. When you open the app you enter your email address and desired password.
  2. Once this is complete you can enter optional account details such as a profile picture, account name, a bio or links to other personal accounts.
  3. Allow permissions for using the camera
  4. Do not allow for use of contacts
  5. Skip follow friends 
  6. Save login info

Making your account private

Why a Private Account?

Private account

It is important to make your account private to stop just anyone from seeing your content. By limiting the amount of people that can view your content to just friends and family protects you from just anyone leaving comments or taking screen shots and saving your personal pictures. 

Private account example


  1. First click on the three dots on the corner of your screen to bring you to the menu.
  2. Scroll down to account settings.
  3. Find Private Account.
  4. Turn the switch to on, so the switch colour is blue.

Turning on Location Services

Why turn on Location Services?

Someone may turn on their location services to add personalisation to their account and to help alter their adds for events in there area for example Waterford rather than Dublin events. Also it would help you find like minded people who go to similar events. Adding a location allows for another account to click in this location and view a google image of that location.

Location On Example


  1. To turn on location services on images you are about to upload, you first add the picture to Instagram by clicking the plus symbol at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Then choose a picture.
  3. Click next.
  4. Add any adjustments you want. 
  5. Click next again.
  6. Then choose add location.
  7. Search for your desired location.
  8. Click on this location.

Turning off Location Services

Why turn off Location Services

Turning Location Off

Someone may wish to turn off the location of a photo, if they frequently visit this location as it will stop someone from learning their frequently visited places and stop someone from following them to this location.

Location Off Example


  1. To turn this location off. 
  2. Click on the picture you wish to remove it from.
  3. Press the three dots in the top right corner to open the menu.
  4. Tap edit.
  5. Click on the location.
  6. Press the X in the top left corner.
  7.  Press the tick in the top right-hand corner.

Deleting Comments

Why Deleting Comments

Deleting Comments 

You may wish to delete certain comments left under your pictures if you don't like what the comment says. Especially if it is hurtful to you or anyone else featured in the picture you posted. 

Deleting Comments Example


  1. Press the photo you wish to delete comments on.
  2. Click on comments.
  3. Hold on the comment you wish to delete.
  4. Press the Bin symbol in the top right corner.

Blocking Accounts

Why Blocking Accounts

Blocking Accounts 

You may wish to block other accounts to stop them from specifically seeing and commenting on your profile. Blocking accounts also stops any of their content from appearing in your feed or explore pages. 

Blocking Accounts Example


  1. Go to the account you wish to block. 
  2. Press the three buttons in the top right corner to open the menu.
  3. Choose block
  4.  You will be asked “Are you sure?”
  5. If you still wish to block the account choose “Yes, I’m sure”

Question Section



The next section of this course contains some assessment questions to help you reinforce the information you have just learned. 

To delete a comment, press the ____ symbol in the top ____ corner of the page.

To delete a comment, press the .symbol in the top hand corner of the page.

True or false it’s possible to link other accounts to your profile?

Choose whether the answer is True or False

  • No it is possible to link other accounts to your profile
  • It is possible to link other accounts to your profile

True or false making your account private still allows others to see your content?

  • No, making your account private will restrict other accounts from seeing your content
  • Yes, the answer is false as making your account private restricts other account from seeing your content

Adding a location

Move the steps in order, to add a location.

  • Choose an image
  • Click next
  • Add adjustments
  • Click next again
  • Choose add location
  • Search a location
  • Press this location

On whose page do you delete comments on?

Choose the correct option

  • Yours
  • There's
  • Through the settings

What does adding a location do?

  • Show a google image of the location
  • Shows an image of the location