Onboarding Test

Welcome to the company!  After a crash course of all things The Doctors Company, now is your chance to see what you've learned (and retained)!

Onboarding Questions

Who's who at The Doctors Company

  • CEO
    Dr. Richard Anderson
  • CIO
    Craig Musgrave
  • COO
    Bill Fleming

What is the company's main software tool called?

  • NOVA
  • VIEW

Identify key NOVA functions

  • Find contacts
  • Find documents
  • Create policies

Which tool is used for smaller, internal communications?

What's the difference?

is a tool used for sharing information.

is a tool used for storing passwords for multiple tools and websites.

What are the shared drives at The Doctors Company?

  • J Drive for Apps
  • P Drive for Files
  • Y Drive for Personal
  • Z Drive for Vacation Schedules

What's the most important thing at The Doctors Company?

  • Making great relationships and investing in people
  • Doing great work and delivering on projects
  • Lunch