Project Management 101

Projects are becoming an every day thing in the corporate world. In this short course we will look at the bare basics of project management which will include the project mangers role and responsibilities, tools that can be used to make management of the project easier as well as how to monitor all your processes  and progress.

To be able to define the roles and responsibilities of a project manager in general terms.

Project managers have different roles and responsibilities. Which of the following is responsibilities of a project manager.

The Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that;

  1. Everyone on the team knows and executes his or her role,
  2. Feels empowered and supported in the role,
  3. Knows the roles of the other team members and acts upon the belief that those roles will be performed.

At the highest level, project managers apply a set of tools and techniques to move an organization toward a goal. This is important for communicating and encouraging the need for transformation and change. Project managers have obvious benefits; however, this power makes it difficult for a project manager to maintain a truly unbiased point-of-view when evaluating decisions or changes.

The specific responsibilities of the Project Manager may vary depending on the industry the work in, and the company culture. However, there are some responsibilities that are common to all Project Managers; namely

  • Developing the project plans
  • Managing the project team
  • Managing the project conflicts
  • Managing the project delivery
  • Managing the project stakeholders
  • Negotiate and resolve issues as they arise across areas of the project and where they affects other activities, systems and projects.
  • Managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans
  • Liaison with programme management (if the project is part of a programme).

  • The project team manages themselves.
  • Project managers do not communicate with the project team.
  • Managing project risks, including the development of contingency plans.
  • The Project managers leave conflict to resolve on its' own.