Contract Review and Approval Process

Our Legal Policy - Contract Management ("Policy") defines how LKKHPG contracts are created, reviewed and approved. All staff members wishing to enter into negotiations for contracts must adhere to this Policy. This training provides you with all information you need to know about our contract review and approval process. We hope you enjoy it!

Introduction to Contract Templates

How to locate contract templates?

All templates are available on corporate public shared drive.

You will find two folders:-
(1) Non-PRC Templates; and
(2) PRC Templates.

How to use the templates?

Non-PRC templates are used when the counter-party is a non-PRC company, e.g. an IT equipment vendor incorporated in Hong Kong. 

The contracts are governed by Hong Kong law. 

How to use the templates?

PRC templates are used when the counter-party is incorporated in PRC (excluding Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan). These contracts are governed by PRC law. 

Test your understanding ...

  • Non-PRC Templates
    Counter-party is a Hong Kong company.
  • PRC Templates
    Counter-party is a PRC company.

Request to create new templates

Requesting Party

Request may be made by business units or any relevant departments

Frequency of Usage

We expect that an agreement is used for at least 10 times per annum in order to be justifiable for creation of a template.


User department may utilize a Master Agreement, supplemented by Purchase Orders

If there is a need to issue Purchase Orders under the same project more than 10 times  a year, we may consider creating the Master Agreement template.

If templates are not available on public shared drive, please ask your vendors to send over their standard terms and conditions for our review. 

Group Legal will create approximately 5 templates a year. Please let us know your priority.

Contract Review and Approval Process

How to locate our policy "Contract Management Rules of Implementation"?

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The Policy stipulates the contract review and approval procedures. Both English and Chinese versions are available. You may find the Policy on the corporate public drive. 

Introduction to the Contract Review Process - Using Templates