EncReportativeForm S. van Sterkenburg 2018

You are going to learn today what a Reportative Form is, what is it?  How do you use it?



Reportative form is a form you use to Report something. The contrary is named Direct form. In your classroom, your teacher sometimes calls in Indirect (Reportative Form) and Direct (Direct Form) Form. You are going to fill some questions in. These are pre-questions and will NOT be judged harshly



These are pre-questions and will not be judged harsly

You are going to see some sentences, which of these are Reported Sentences. Check the box (Multiple answers possible)

  • Anne said that dinner will be ready in 5 minutes.
  • "Turn down that loud music!", shouted the neighbour.
  • "Your order is going to cost 5 GBP", said the merchant.
  • The doctor said that tim has got the flu! He needs medicine!
  • The city news reported that Chevalier was still alive.

Can you write some reportative questions?


Explanation of the Reportative form

If you replicate a thing someone said, it's reportative form.

"Im going to be late!", said Lucy. Its direct, she says it to you in the form that she tought of.

Lucy said she is going to be late. Its indirect, you do not replicate her speech. It's a different sentence.


Select the odd one out

  • Eric said: "Bujeezus! You scared me Frederik"
  • Robert said he didn't do his homework
  • Mirthe shouted: "I'm the best! I won the race!"

Create this sentence into Reportative form: "The man collapsed!" said the Nurse.

Create this sentence into Direct form: hank said that no-one did their homework!

RepThank You!

Good Job!

Good job! Now you are going to receive some normal questions. Like what is your name and stuff. If you are a member of the class in JAR-Scholen. You are going to receive a mark. (Weight: 0)

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