EHR 24/7 training: Progress Notes

Hi there! Welcome to the EHR 24/7 Progress Note!

This is where you will be able to chart your patients visit in fully customizable detail. 

Good luck with the course!


Opening a Patient's Chart

Opening a Patient's Chart Video

Where, in the Desktop Tab, can a Patient's chart be opened?

  • Clicking the Patient's name in the Appointments Panel
  • Clicking the Patient's name in the Messages Inbox
  • Clicking the Patient's name in the Routed Documents
  • All of the Above

The first step to creating a new progress note is

  • Create an appointment in the Appointments page.
  • To open a patient’s chart.
  • Sending a patient specific routed document.
  • None of the Above

Recent Charts is a

  • drop down menu in the Patient Charts tab, that displays a list of recently accessed charts.
  • tool in the desktop tab that assists in making appointments.