Swingo Maintenance Assessment

Swingo Maintenance assessment

Health and Safety

Before carrying out any maintenance work what should be done?

  • Ensure handbrake applied with battery isolator and ignition turned off.
  • The machine is full of water for function checks.
  • Handbrake applied with engine running.
  • Engine is switched off.

When maintenance tasks require the hopper to be raised what should be ensured?

  • There is enough head clearance for the hopper to be lifted.
  • There is no debris in the hopper prior to tipping.
  • There is enough head clearance and that hopper safety props are fitted to the lift cylinders.
  • The engine is running.

When working on the hydraulic system ensureā€¦..?

  • There is sufficient oil to carry out functions.
  • The system is depressurised
  • The correct tools are used
  • The system is pressurised

What must be carried out if there is any damage or leaks to any hydraulic components?

  • Left to next service
  • Must be repaired immediately
  • Left to get worse
  • Ignored

General maintenance

Maintenance intervals may vary depending on what?

  • Local procedures
  • Regular maintenance refers to vehicles under use in normal working conditions but may vary depending on sweeping environment.
  • Time and availability of technicians.
  • Weather conditions.

When checking fluid levels what is important?

  • The machine is on a level surface.
  • The engine has been running for a minimum of 15 minutes prior.
  • The machine is on an uneven surface.
  • The machine has been recently serviced.

What is the wheel nut torque setting?

  • 150Nm
  • 200Nm
  • 300Nm
  • 400Nm

When should the brushes be replaced?

  • When they reach a length of 30mm
  • When they reach a length of 50mm
  • When they reach a length of 80-100mm
  • When they reach a length of 120mm

What should the suction nozzle ground clearance be set to?

  • 5mm
  • minimum of 10mm, using tool provided in kit
  • 15mm
  • 20mm using the ring of a 20mm spanner as the height gauge.

When do you reset the oil dilution?

  • Every year
  • Every month
  • Every service after the oil has been changed
  • Never