Office 365 - eLearning (English)

Michelin has begun a transition to modern and efficient collaborative tools that will improve your user experience and allow you to  simplify the way you work together!

This training will assist you to:

  1. Explore the Office 365 solution and see what will change in practice
  2. Install and configure Office 365 on your Michelin PC
  3. Install and configure Office 365 on your Michelin Smartphone
  4. Discover Outlook web application: Emails, Contacts and Calendar
  5. Discover Outlook 2010 (Option): Emails, Contacts et Calendrier,
  6. Discover Skype for Business: Chat and online meetings
  7. Discover OneDrive Enterprise: Storage and Sharing
  8. Discover Office Online: Online editing of documents

This training module gives you the information needed for a successful migration.

If you wish to view further information, please visit IS&YOU.

To do before the day of your migration

To not loose your « Recent contacts »

Avoid issues on your calendar

My first connection to Office 365

Office 365 and the « Collaborative Program »

Access to Office 365

Discover Office 365

Office 365 solution will?

Install and configure Office 365 on your Michelin PC

The components of Office 365 to install on your Michelin PC

To Install and configure Skype for Business

To install and configure Outlook 2010

Do I have to install Internet Explorer 11 for Office 365 ?

Install and configure Office 365 on your Michelin Smartphone

The components of Office 365 to install on Michelin-authorized mobile device

First, uninstall Traveler

Configure email and calendar

Configure Skype for Business (option)

Configure OneDrive (option)

Can I install the solution on my personal smartphone?

Emails - Outlook Web Application

Start with the Mail app

Send emails

Deleting emails

Archive emails

Folders and rules

Search emails

"Offline" mode


Can I access my emails when my PC is not connected?

Sharing and delegation of the mail box

Contacts - Outlook Web Application

Discover the Contacts application

Create a contact

Creating a contact list

Edit / Delete a contact or a contact list

Folders of contacts

Will my contacts in Lotus Notes be migrated?

Calendar - Outlook Web Application

Calendar application overview

Manage events

The planning wizard

Calendar sharing and delegation

Add a calendar of someone outside Michelin

Will my existing agenda be migrated from Lotus Notes to Office 365?

Outlook 2010 (Option)

Send emails

Delete emails

Folders and rules

Instant search


What is the main interest to use Outlook 2010 ?

How to create a delegation

Recall or replace an email message that you sent

Chat, online meetings - Skype for Business

Discover the Skype for Business application

Instant messaging (Chat)

Online meetings

Can chat with anyone in Sametime directly from Skype for Business?

Storage and Sharing - OneDrive Enterprise

Discover the OneDrive Enterprise Application


Sharing document

What are the documents I'm allowed to use on OneDrive?

Online editing documents - Office Online

Discover the application Office Online

Co-publishing documents

Do all Office users 365 have access to Office Online?

Good practice on coexistence phase

For better performance of my PC , I use the Sametime client